Sun-Struck June Sunday: at the de Young Museum

The front courtyard of the de Young Museum

Today, went with hubby and son to see the Picasso Exhibit which opened last week at the de Young Museum.  Self thinks this is the first time she fully understood why the word “genius” is often appended to the painter’s name.

This is also the first time self has ever heard the word “vampiric” associated with anyone who was not actually a vampire or a character in a book.  That word was on the audio-tour that accompanies the exhibit, and was used by a friend of the painter’s to describe how the already 90-year-old Picasso derived energy from his guests and would use it to feed his art, often going straight from the dinner table to his studio, where he would paint with furious abandon, sometimes for the entire night.

Self had bought tickets for the Picasso exhibit, but for mid-July.  Nevertheless, she wasn’t sure son would be visiting then, so she insisted we go today.  And it turned out the tickets for July could not be switched, self had to buy a whole new set of tickets.  But son had his student ID, and self had her museum membership card, so for hubby, self, and son the tab came out to $51.  Which she was all too willing to pay, since son isn’t home very often.  (Self had a hard time understanding why son’s student ticket cost more than hers and hubby’s, but the young Filipina who issued the tickets insisted that the membership discounts and the student discounts had been applied.  And since she was very sweet, and started addressing self in Tagalog, self decided to forbear further argument)

Then, self paid for three audio-tours.  It was such a good tour that self kept stopping to replay certain portions.  Self (she thought), at the rate you’re going, you will never get out of here!  It was also curious because now and then, hubby or son, who self presumed were now way ahead of her, would periodically surface by her side.  So, presumably, they were stopping and re-playing portions of the tour as well.

Then self thought to whip out her little red notebook and jot down things she found particularly salient from the tour.  And she noticed that whenever she did so, hubby would be hovering.  So then, self began backing away every time she caught a glimpse of hubby.  (It is very very hard to  live with a writer —  they develop sensitivities.  Such as —  self really grits her teeth when someone tries to strike up a conversation with her, while she is writing in her notebook.  She wondered if hubby realized this and was hovering on purpose.  She managed to elude him for a couple of paintings and then he surfaced again towards the end.  At which point, self simply gave up and decided it was time to re-join the world of the normal)

It was a gorgeous day:  Still, upon leaving the musuem, walking in the shade by the Japanese Tea Garden, self needed to don her hoodie.

In Stow Lake, where we parked the car, self saw, in addition to the usual mallards and sharp-beaked white birds:  five turtles lined up in a row, on a rock in the middle of the lake.

In the exhibit, there was a sculpture of a head, and this one was called “Le Fou” (Jester).

How strange:  the piece self just had accepted by Used Furniture Review is called “Jesters.”

She’s gone years, perhaps even decades, never once encountering this word, and now she has encountered it twice, in the space of a month.

She also discovers, today, that son’s research topic for his Ph.D. in Social Psychology is something about how to foster creativity.  Which she thinks is a very good topic for a dissertation.  At least, it is enormously interesting to self.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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