Miguel Hernandez: ‘I Won’t Go Along’

No I Won’t Go Along

translated by Don Share:

No, I won’t go along I despair
as if I were a hurricane of lava
in the presidio of an enslaved almond,
or in the hanging prison of a finch

To kiss you was to kissa wasp’s next
that nails me to torment and unnails
me and digs a burial pit, and digs
down into my heart where I die.

Sentence of the Day: From Thad Carhart’s THE PIANO SHOP ON THE LEFT BANK

Self has an inordinate interest in pianos because her mother was a concert pianist: admitted to Curtis at 11, friends with Gary Graffman (who had self and her mother over to dinner at his apartment one night), winner of the New York Times International Piano Competition when she was 14. Dearest Mum played in Carnegie Hall.

Dearest Mum had not one, but two Steinways, one flown into our home in Manila through Clark Airbase.

As far as self knows, Dearest Mum is the only pianist in the world who has two Steinways.

Here’s a sentence from the book self is currently reading, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, by Thad Carhart:

No one knows exactly when the piano was invented.

Why is that interesting to self? Who knows. It just is.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Time 2: 2016 Daily Post Photo Challenge Week # 6

Sunset in Mendocino Village.

The sun slips beneath the horizon startlingly fast.

Tried to hurry the pictures but failed to get enough of the sun in time.


Walking Along Little Lake Street, Mendocino Village



Headlights of approaching car appear lower right: self didn’t even know the car was in the picture until she loaded to the blog.

Which is why she chose these pictures to illustrate TIME, The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge this week.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Alphabet 2: 2016 WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge # 3

This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters.

The Daily Post

Self was inspired by this WordPress blog today:  Love in the Spaces

Below, more from self’s archive of recent pictures.


Presentation on Manilatown, yesterday at the Listening to the Silence conference at Stanford University


Graffiti, New York’s Chelsea district

Finally, blurred photo (Self was on Sixth Avenue). Last December was her first winter in New York City in forever.


Wintry in Manhattan: The partially obscured sign says RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

More Weight(less)

Self is not sure she’s fully getting this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, but anyhoo.

For this post, she will focus on things that have “an air of weightlessness.” Here’s a picture of three lamps hanging over a dining table in a friend’s apartment:


Weightless: Hanging Lamps

Next, Jennifer Lawrence’s costume for Hunger Games: Catching Fire:


A Wedding Dress for the Mockingjay

Finally, waterfowl, St. Stephens Green, Dublin:


St. Stephens Green, Dublin, Summer 2015

Glass and feathers, both project a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.



Circle 2: 1st 2016 WordPress Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is CIRCLE.

Here are a few circles self encountered in the latter half of Year 2015:

Thanks to Niece Irene L, who invited self to come along on a trip to Florence in early November!


The Cathedral at Siena: November 2015

Self had a wisdom tooth pulled in October; a friend made her this malted milk drink for after:


When self had a wisdom tooth pulled in October, she couldn’t have solid food for a day. A friend made this malted milk drink for her.

Self collects buttons; she pins them on her jackets and blazers. Here’s one she bought in the new Whitney Museum on Gansevoort Street, Chelsea, New York City:


Button Humor!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Stalker Delly Fic: Crushing It

Began a fic about Cheating Peeta on Dec. 7.

It was supposed to be a one-shot. It’s now 40+ chapters and 30K words.

The idea of a Cheating Peeta is so delicious.

Self got a storm of negative comments at first (Is this even Peeta? This Peeta is NOTHING like the Peeta in The Hunger Games! Maybe you should call him something else? Also, WHY would Peeta cheat on Katniss? Is this possibly a modern AU version of Hijacked Peeta?) but she noticed that the number of views she was getting for this story were very high. And the comment feed just kept growing. And growing. And growing. Three weeks later, Cheating Peeta rules! More comments than any new story posted last month. Even beat out Vampire Peeta! Who knew?

Today, she had Delly going ape over Peeta in a Starbucks, dousing him with scalding coffee. Because she was overcome with jealousy watching him have coffee with Prim (Katniss herself is in Cambodia. Why? Because self doesn’t think there’s a single fan fic set in Cambodia? No, she knows there is not a single fan fic set in Cambodia!), not to mention that Philz was just two blocks away, why’d they have to choose Starbucks?

Suddenly, after posting today, self started getting comments like: Boy, that is one whack job. She’s not only a whack job, her therapist is a whack job. No, actually, everyone in your story, including Cheating Peeta, is delusional and ought to be committed.


Stay tuned.

Stanford East Asian Studies

Self has never been to a Stanford Alumni Homecoming. Not one. Even though her house is only six miles from Stanford.

Today, to honor how her parents supported her through a masters in East Asian Studies, concentration in Chinese, she picks up one of her East Asian Studies textbooks: China’s Imperial Past: An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture, by Charles O. Hucker.

p. 208:

The Buddha won converts in part because it is clear that his was an electric personality. But he also had a superb intellect, and his conception of the human condition was at once breathtakingly brilliant and utterly simple. Its essence is: There is no Brahma; there is no Atman. What keeps you in this world of illusion, propelling you from one life to the next, is no more than your own craving for existence and for self-ness. If you really want to get off the merry-go-round of endless suffering and rebirth, then realize you are on it only because you want to be. To get off, all you have to do is let go!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Quote of the First Sunday After Christmas (2015)

American Rust is such a guy story. At first, self wasn’t sure she should follow up her reading of Middlemarch with this, but she decided to give it a go.

As it turns out, American Rust is the perfect story to follow her reading of George Eliot. There is an accidental killing, and right now, in her present mood, self really enjoys seeing someone (other than self, for once) make questionable decisions. Such as: panicking after accidentally killing someone, and then not hiding the body well enough. Those are two big, big, big questionable decisions.

But there is a woman in the story who makes perfect sense. And here is something from her point of view:

They’re simple facts is all. Your only power is choosing what to make of them. She stayed under two weeks with a few pounds of rocks in her pockets. There is your lesson from that.

(Ever wonder why self’s holiday reading is so dark? Well, self wonders that, too!)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Think You Know Angst? THIS is Angst! (From Self’s Capitol Peeta Fan Fic)

It’s early. Katniss perches carefully on a branch. She smiles gleefully, almost like a child. The stubbed branch of the tall, scraggly oak gives her a good view of the meadow.

Red-tailed hawks wing soundlessly from tree to tree. She watches them for a while and then she hears it: the heavy tread of Peeta.

Her hands finger her braid. She smiles, thinking of how Peeta likes to take his time unraveling it. She usually giggles while he does it, loving the feel of his patient fingers combing through her hair.

She hears the footsteps right below her and calls out, Peeta!

But it isn’t Peeta, it’s Gale.


Stay tuned.

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