Will Herondale to the Rescue! pp. 428 – 429 of CLOCKWORK ANGEL (Naturally, Spoilers Galore)

Self would definitely like to be consulted when the movie adaptation finally gets under way. Because she has a thought or two about who should play Will Herondale. This may sound weird but she totally thinks an American could play him. That guy who plays the Penguin in Gotham could (Naturally, without the Penguin make-up). Also, Ben Foster if he were 10 years younger. She considered Logan Lerman — for about 1 minute. No.

No hunks need apply. Now to the excerpt from Clockwork Angel:

Thank the Angel for glamours, Will thought. The sight of a boy riding bareback on a charging black horse down Farrington Road would normally be enough to raise eyebrows even in a metropolis as jaded as London. But as Will went by — the horse kicking up great puffs of London dust as it reared and snorted its way through the streets — no one turned a hair or batted the lash of an eye. Yet even as they seemed not to see him, they found reason to move out of his way — a dropped pair of eyeglasses, a step to the side to avoid a puddle in the road — and avoid being trampled.

It was almost five miles from Highgate to the Institute; it had taken them three-quarters of an hour to cover the distance in a carriage. It took Will and Balios only twenty minutes to make the return trip, though the horse was panting and lathered with sweat by the time Will pounded through the Institute gates and drew up in front of the steps.

Heavens to Mergatroid! Not only that, it appears Will’s feelings are not as hidden from everyone as he thinks. Conversation between Will and faithful servant Thomas ensues:

“She’s alive,” Thomas said, not opening his eyes.

“What?” Will was caught off guard.

“The one you came back for. Her. Tessa.”

!##@@!! (Pause) ##@@@**!!!!!!!

Back to reading.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Enveloped 4: Icy Lake Louise

Lake Louise, View From a Hotel

Lake Louise, View From a Hotel

Lake Louise, Still Encased In Ice

Lake Louise, Still Encased In Ice

Stones Beneath the Ice

Stones Beneath the Ice

Canada, at least here in Banff, is still cold. When oh when will summer arrive?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Love You, Jessamine! And phrase “Inside of a Moment” p.424 of CLOCKWORK ANGEL

Once again, dear blog readers:


All hell breaks loose, members of the Clave are scattered here and there throughout London, battling Vampire covens and armies of clockwork automatons, and, most surprising of all, Tessa Gray’s own brother Nate, who turns out to be working for the Magister, the dastardly man who wants to marry Tessa Gray and use her shape-shifting powers to rule the British Empire.

Got it?


Will and Jem are parabati off in Highgate battling Mrs. Dark and the disembodied head of her sister.

The Clave is off somewhere else, rooting out the last surviving members of De Quincey’s Vampire Band.

The automatons take this opportunity to attack the Institute itself, where the only people left to guard it are Thomas the coachman, two maids, Tessa Gray and Jessamine, who in spite of being a Shadowhunter wants nothing more than to wear nice dresses all day and be someone’s wife. When the gates of the Institute are broken down by an army of automatons, this girl shows her true worth by laying about her with her weapon of choice, her parasol. But then she is hit in the chest by a blast from an automaton and falls to the ground while self goes oh no oh no oh no!

Then Dastardly and Cowardly Nate Grey confronts his own sister, Tessa Gray, and tries to kidnap her for The Magistrate. He has her cornered in a dark hallway. Then, Tessa looks over Nate’s shoulder and sees “a disturbance of the shadows . . . something moving toward them both . . . The figure behind Nate was almost upon them.”

Nate goes blah blah blah “I am not a fool, Tessa — ” then whack! The figure raises “a pale and glimmering object . . . above Nate’s head and comes down with a heavy crash.”

For a moment self thinks it might be Will with one of his seraph blades, Anael perhaps. But no, it is Jessamine with a lamp.

“She prodded Nate’s recumbent form with a disdainful toe.”

Jessamine is fast becoming self’s second favorite character in the series, her first being of course Will Herondale.

And here are the relationships as they stand at this point in Clockwork Angel:

  • Will and Jem are parabati (“blood brothers” and fighters)
  • Will loves Tessa Gray.
  • Tessa Gray loves Will but after he pushes her away (for what reason, self knows not, though she can well see the advantage of keeping the angst going for as long as possible; there are, after all, three books), she starts to fall for Jem.
  • Jem loves Tessa Gray.
  • Sophie the servant girl loves Jem.
  • Thomas the coachman loves Sophie.

My, my, what a pretty kettle of fish!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Excitement: Clockwork Angel p. 406 Spoilers Below


Jessamine! You and your damn parasol! What equipment for a Shadowhunter! Almost as much fun as Colin Firth’s crazy church scene in Kingsman where he demolishes an entire church of Klu Klux Klan worshippers with his brolly! (BTW, self watched “Kingsman” in Fort Bragg and almost everyone in the audience was cheering at the end of that scene!)

p. 406:

Jessamine . . . laid about her with her parasol. The whirling edge of it sliced through the legs of two of the creatures, sending them toppling forward to flop on the ground like landed fish.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Sentence & Poem of the Day (Trigger Warning: Dark Subject Matter)

“He laughed like a serial killer, but that was my best friend for you.”

Self realizes this is rather an odd choice of sentence for Mother’s Day, but it’s gold. Pure gold. And it’s from fan fiction.

The poetry excerpt is by Kevin Flynn, from his poem “Thoughts on Easter While Digging a Grave,” (Aaaargh, why? Self realizes this title is almost as dark as the sentence above) from Bluestem‘s Spring 2015 issue:

Once there were so many buffalo rumbling
on the Great Plains, they darkened the landscape
like a storm, so many that trains full of men,
armed with carbines, would fly through the West
shooting the animals dead, stopping only long
enough to load up the skins, boxcar after boxcar
of bloody fun, leaving behind pyramids of skulls
at every station.

Fully loaded, lovely, oblivious
and muscular, three neighbor boys, with skull
plates thin as a dime, and the Southern sun settled
hissing in the bog behind their eyes, have tacked
sixteen new raccoon skins to their learning barn
wall this Spring. At 4 am, with cats afuzz in the
walls, they tree a young coon one hundred feet
from our bedroom window, and shake him out
to the dogs.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Forces of Nature 2: Around Banff

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is FORCE OF NATURE. Since arriving in Calgary several weeks ago, self has been truly awed by, to borrow a phrase from The Daily Post prompt, “the sheer scale and power” of the physical surroundings. And even more since getting to Banff, which is in the Canadian Rockies.

Self had signed up for a one-day tour to Lake Louise, today. But she got the meeting place wrong, and by the time she found the Eric Harvie Theatre, the tour was long gone. Anyhoo, self was all right with that, because she ended up doing more work on her novel-in-progress (Working Title: That Wilderness).

Apologies for her photographs being smaller in scale than she was expecting to post today. But the human imprint is also a “force of nature,” isn’t it?

A path leading to the Eric Harvie Theatre

A path leading to the Eric Harvie Theatre in The Banff Centre. Well-traveled. Clearly.

Bridge Over a Gully -- Stumbled Across During A Walk This Morning

Bridge Over a Gully — Stumbled Across During A Walk This Morning. Puts new meaning into the phrase “river of stones.”

And this was the view yesterday, from the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. One of the other writers, Sheila Stevenson, asked if she’d like to go there for a fancy drink. We were joined by writer Jill Frayn. And self had her first Canadian beer. The three of us shared a huge appetizer of Nachos with Flatiron Steak. The beef here in Alberta is really good.

from the Rundle Lounge of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

from the Rundle Lounge of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

The hotel was crowded yesterday: full of families and wedding parties. There was live music. And many Asian tourists.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Intricate 4: A Walk

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is INTRICATE:

What does the word “intricate” mean to you? It could be the deep, fibrous bark on the ancient oak tree in your yard. Maybe it’s the robin’s nest under construction near your window — that ornithological engineering marvel of mud and twigs.

It was another gorgeous day in Banff. Self took a walk, and here’s what she found.

Each thing is intricate in its own way. What’s important is to gaze. To pay attention to the smallest detail.

There are two of these things in front of the Kinnear Centre.

There are two of these things in front of the Kinnear Centre.

Strange things. Don't know what they are.

Strange things. Don’t know what they are.

Self also dropped by the Walter Phillips Gallery to explore the current show, Séance Fiction, a multi-media installation.

In a dark room, there were two huge screens, showing clips from old movies featuring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Self took a quick snap of one screen. It’s layered with other images (accidentally, but self kinda likes the effect):

A Still from

A Still from “The Time That Remains,” which consists of found footage from old Bette Davis and Joan Crawford movies. The work is by the Australian duo Soda_Jerk.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

WIP: “Problems With Sleep”

Sunday was when I met Heather.

I felt I should think of something Ellis and I could do together on Saturday. The Aquarius was having a Monty Python festival. I looked up the Saturday schedule and saw that Life of Brian and A Fish Called Wanda were showing. “Ok,” Ellis said. “When are you meeting your friend again?”

Been working on this story for a long while. Maybe self will finally be able to finish it here in Banff.

Stay tuned.

Sunday: Tomas Transtromer Again

In lieu of a really good cup of coffee — self too lazy to change out of her pajamas — this

(That’s the beauty of being a writer. One can indeed “live vicariously” — lol!):

ESPRESSO (an excerpt)

The black coffee they serve outdoors
among tables and chairs gaudy as insects.

Precious distillations
filled with the same strength as Yes and No.

It’s carried out from the gloomy kitchen
and looks into the sun without blinking.

In the daylight a dot of beneficent black
that quickly flows into a pale customer.

Self is the pale customer. She is so pale because she has been holed up in her room for approx. one week!

Stay tuned.

Early Bird: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is EARLY BIRD.

Part of the prompt on The Daily Post website:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a morning person. From early childhood I was up with the sun, and it always came naturally to me . . . when I began taking photography more seriously . . . I realized the benefits that waking early had on my photos.

Gondola Stop, Venice: Before the Crowds Appear

Gondola Stop, Venice: Before the Crowds Appear

In scanning through her photographs, self found a set of pictures she took on a very early morning in Venice. She’d signed up for a tour of the Doge’s Palace, and to make sure she got there in plenty of time (It was a morning tour), she left the apartment she was sharing with Margarita Donnelly in Ca’ San Toma several hours early. And was rewarded with the thrill of seeing San Marco Square practically devoid of people (i.e. tourists)

Can You Believe This is Venice in Late April? Where Are the People?

Can You Believe This is Venice in Late April? Somewhere near the Hotel Danieli

Anyhoo, the Doge’s Palace was all right. But the real thrill, self realized later, was having San Marco Square and environs almost entirely to herself.


The photographs are time-stamped. With CALIFORNIA TIME. Pardon the confusion.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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