These anthologies include my stories:

Philippine Speculative Fiction, vol. 9, edited by Andrew Drilon and Charles Tan (Flipside Publishing, 2014)

Verses:  Typhoon Yolanda, A Storm of Filipino Poets, edited by Eileen Tabios (Meritage Press, 2014)

Manila Noir (Akashic Books, 2013), edited by Jessica Hagedorn

Querida (forthcoming from Anvil Press, 2013), edited by Caroline S. Hau and Katrina P. Tuvera

Growing Up Filipino II (Philippine American Literary House, 2010), collected and edited by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

Another Kind of Paradise: Short Stories From the New Asia-Pacific, edited by Trevor Carolan (Boston: Cheng & Tsui Company)

Field of Mirrors: An Anthology of Philippine American Writers, edited by Edwin A. Lozada (San Francisco: Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc.)

Going Home to a Landscape: Writings by Filipinas, co-edited by Virginia Cerenio and Marianne Villanueva (Calyx Books, Oregon)

Babaylan, co-edited by Nick Carbo and Eileen Tabios (San Francisco: Aunt Lute Press)

Charlie Chan is Dead, vol. 1, edited by Jessica Hagedorn (New York: Viking Penguin)

Flippin’: Filipinos in America, edited by Eric Gamalinda and Luis H. Francia (New York: Asian American Writers Workshop)

The Forbidden Stitch, edited by Shirley Geok-lin Lim and Mayumi Tsutakawa (Publisher: Calyx Press)

Growing Up Filipino, edited by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard (Manila: Anvil Press)

Fiction By Filipinos in America, edited by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard (Manila: Anvil Press)

A Line of Cutting Women, edited by Beverly McFarland (Publisher: Calyx Press)

Philippine Speculative Fiction, vol. 3, edited by Dean and Nikki Alfar (Publisher: Kestrel, Manila)

The NuyorAsian Anthology:  Asian American Writings About New York City, edited by Bino A. Realuyo (Publisher: Asian American Writers Workshop)

Tilting the Continent:  Southeast Asian American Writing, edited by Shirley Geok-lin Jim and Chang Lok Chua (Publisher: New Rivers Press)

Virtual Lotus: Modern Fiction of Southeast Asia, edited by Teri Yamada (Publisher: University of Michigan Press)

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  1. Denver Sevillena said,

    June 3, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Hello there,

    I am very glad to stumble on to your website because I have been looking for a website that may have interests with my written works. I hope to hear from any of the writers that you feature on this website whether by email ( or by phone (650-738-9094). I actually have met with Ms. Marianne Villanueva and Mr. Jaime Jacinto once when I was still a student in college. I am really hoping that my works would be publish in some sort or anything or something. I hope that you guys could help me. Thanks and more power.

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