SquareOdds # 7: Sacramento, CA

February’s Squares Challenge is ODD.

Thank you to Becky at Life of B for dreaming up the fabulous Squares Challenge. Today, she features a puzzling feature of Portuguese villages in the Algarvian hills.

A year ago, self’s neighbors across the street took off for Seattle, almost as soon as the Governor lifted travel restrictions. Infected by their energy, self undertook a road trip of her own, though hers was much less ambitious. The Crocker Museum in Sacramento was re-opening! Therefore, self determined to be there for the opening.

She found an Airbnb that was in a converted Chinese laundry. In fact, here’s the neon sign hanging outside the structure. The sign is protected by the Sacramento historical association. It has to remain up, forever.

Another thing about the Airbnb: there was only one other guest, and she was Filipina! What are the odds? At night, the owner’s two French pugs would go scrambling around the living room. They are apparently celebrities on Instagram, with upwards of 10k followers.

Dogs on Instagram, Airbnb in Chinese laundry: Sacramento is an interesting place!

It was the perfect place to kick off a year of road trips, all over California.

Stay tuned.

3 responses to “SquareOdds # 7: Sacramento, CA”

    • I highly recommend! The young woman was Brazilian. And the street abuts on Sacramento’s old Chinatown. Lots of good restaurants. Also bars, lol (In the pandemic, the Filipina invited me for drinks. Let me tell ya, the bars were crowded. We were masked and the tables were outside, on the sidewalk. It was my first time outside of the Bay Area in a long, long time. First time to see people out. It was something. Life that had been hiding for over a year was clearly there, just waiting to spill out)

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