Fresh: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

It has been snowing all day in New York City.

Nevertheless, self finds that she is still more than up to the challenge of posting about this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge:


Share with us a photo that expresses something fresh.

Fresh strawberries on waffles: Nothing beats like.

Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Flowers, and Fresh Coffee:  Queenie's Road House, Elk, California
Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Flowers, and Fresh Coffee: Queenie’s Road House, Elk, California

Next: Christmas isn’t Christmas without a fresh-cut tree.

Fresh-Cut from Wegman's: December 2014
Fresh-Cut from Wegman’s: December 2014

Finally: Fresh means flowers! This picture was taken in the Huntington Botanical Gardens on Sept. 11, 2014:

Huntington Botanical Gardens: September 2014
Huntington Botanical Gardens: September 11, 2014

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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