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Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig: It is a beautiful April day!

SEASONS 3: Mendocino, Last Thursday of February 2016

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Self went for a walk around the village.


Mendocino Village has many examples of whimsical garden art!


Spring is in the air! This table and chairs was in front of a local beauty salon.

And, for election season, Bernie Sanders would like to extend a warm welcome!


Every local person self has spoken to so far is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Clearly, Mendocino is HIS town.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

More Seasons: 2016 Daily Post Photo Challenge # 8

It warmed up this week.

Self is still in Mendocino.

She likes walking to the bookstore on Main Street, Gallery Bookshop, and then taking pictures of the headlands. Because she was trying to find subjects for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, SEASONS, she focused on the flowers in the meadow in front of her:


Flowers are popping up in the meadow across from the Gallery Bookshop on Main Street, Mendocino.


More Flowers, Same Meadow


These flowers are tiny. Self had to do an extreme close-up. Good thing her fingers didn’t shake as much as they usually do.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

TREES: Sylvain Landry Week 34 Photo Challenge

Here’s my prompt for SL-34, TREES:

One sunny day in December, self went for a walk in New York’s Central Park. It was surprisingly warm — what they call shirt-sleeve weather.


New York, Central Park, December 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Seasons: 2016 Daily Post Photo Challenge # 8

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is SEASONS.

“Share an image evocative of the weather . . . “

Here are a couple of picture self took while she was in New York City, December 2015:


The High Line, New York City: December 2015

The outdoor seating for the restaurant Terroir (on the High Line) is empty because it is December, therefore cold:


Outdoor Seating for Terroir, on New York’s High Line: December 2015


Rainy and Wet, Just Outside Carnegie Hall, December 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Just Before Self Walks to Mendosa’s Harvest Market on Lansing

Rain’s eased up. Good. Self needs to take a walk.

She’s been perusing her trusty notebook. The one she’s hoisted around from New York to Florence to San Francisco to Mendocino. The one where she jots down conversations she happens to overhear.

Here’s one that’s pretty interesting. She was eavesdropping on two young girls, riding the Metro North from Stamford, CT to Grand Central. This was sometime end of summer 2015.

We missed the first train by, like, a minute. Then Rachel found out she left her wallet so thank God we missed the first train. So she ran back to her car, then I found out I didn’t have my driver’s license . . .  sorry, I know we should have been on the train an hour ago. . .

Shit happens.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Vibrant: 2016 Daily Post Photo Challenge # 5

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is VIBRANT.

And oh, how self loves any Photo Challenge that has to do with color.


How green is the grass after much rain!


This vibrant sunflower blooms year-round in front of the Mendocino Art Center Gallery.


Art on New York City’s High Line: Self walked it on a gloomy December day; few people about. Colors really popped.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Optimistic 3: 2016 Daily Post Photo Challenge # 4

Cold, gloomy.

There is someone tromping on the roof.

Reminds self she hasn’t logged on to Twitter in a week or more.

When self has no time to play hashtag games, things are really getting serious.

In spite of all, she faces 2016 with optimism.

Here’s a necklace made by the sister of Mavee Park (BFF in kindergarten in Manila!)


Necklace handmade in the Philippines; Red Sweater from Dublin


Mavee throws a huge Thanksgiving party every year. Self was a guest at last year’s. Mavee scattered these paper stars (from the Philippines) all over her rec room.


Thumbs Up! The Blog Mistress Herself, on a Fast Train to Venice, November 2015

It’s a crime not to feel optimistic in Italy. Seriously.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Optimistic: 2016 WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge # 4

This week, the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge is OPTIMISTIC.

“How do you fuel the fires of optimism?”

Self’s answer is: by traveling. Because traveling makes self rely on a very specific skill set: adventurousness, curiosity, and determination.

And every time she goes on a trip, she has reason to confirm that she still possesses each of those qualities, in spades.

Here, a picture from a recent trip self and her niece, Irene, took to Italy.

The entire trip was Irene’s idea. Self cannot thank her enough. We used Florence as home base and explored outward.


San Marco Square, Venice: November 2015


Irene and Self! San Gimidgiano, Italy, November 2015

It never rained, not once. The weather was perfect: sunny and warm. Almost T-shirt weather!

Irene is a woman of great energy and positive drive. A great traveling companion.


Oh what a perfect time was had by all! Florence, Italy, November 2015

That trip was surely one of self’s best trips, ever!

Stay tuned.


Mendocino Has Circles, Too

Walked around Mendocino Village yesterday morning. Good thing self didn’t wait, for there was a deluge in the evening, and the loud blast that sounds like a foghorn went off. She remembers hearing it last year, during the big February storm. And the sound is so very eerie, an end-of-the-world kind of sound (Only, last year, during the storm, it was also terrifying)

So, this week’s Photo Challenge is CIRCLES. And self took pictures during her walk, and these are the two pictures she thinks fit the theme best:



Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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