Collect.Give, and Ruminations on the Week Just Ended

Today, self was in perfect form: that is to say, she did nothing but agonize over life. Over its various conundrums. Over how so many artists sacrifice all for their art, and end up poor. And other similarly depressing thoughts.

Luckily, there is always the distraction of Facebook!

Today, self received a message from Stella Kalaw. Stella has chosen to think outwards rather than in-wards (which makes her saintly, at least in self’s book).

She’s participating in Kevin Miyazaki’s Collect.Give project.

Read all about it on Stella’s blog.

And, in the meantime, the weekend is here. How did it get here so fast? How does anyone get anything done during the week?

Let’s see if self can remember all the things she did in the past week:

  • She spoke to son, very briefly. His life is unbelievably hectic.  He is trying to organize a) his summer job working for two professors at Cal Poly, b) moving to Claremont for grad school, c) saying good-bye to his girlfriend, who’s still at Cal Poly, and d) trying to get a student loan
  • She put “End” at p. 288 of her putative novel-in-progress. Unfortunately, she read the whole thing over today (A draaag!) and decided that was a fake End. That is, she has to keep going. At least 30 more pages.
  • She fought off all attempts by li’l crits to get her to feed them more.
  • She started sleep-walking. Yup, every morning of the past week, when self got to the kitchen, she would find an array of foodstuff scattered all over the counters: popcorn, pickles, Oh’s, what-have-you. And she had absolutely no memory of even ingesting anything. So, she must have been doing it in her sleep. No wonder her clothes are so tight!
  • She obssessively re-read (at least once a day) Parts I and II of Sarah WatersThe Night Watch.  This activity finally ended Thursday, when she made herself return the book to the library.
  • She suffered her first bee-sting ever.  10 minutes later, the phone rang and it was Dearest Mum.  “I’ve been stung by a bee!” self yelled.  “Go to the emergency room!”  Dearest Mum instructed.  “No, I’ve got a better idea!  Let me call my friend who works in Makati Med and call you right back!”  She never called.
  • Most important:  Self learned about the utter fabulousness of something called!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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