Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) #3: Dromberg Stone Circle

This stone circle was in southern Ireland, a day’s drive from Cork. Much smaller than Stonehenge, but — how beautiful to come upon it in the Irish countryside! Self saw the Dromberg Stone Circle in 2017 (She’s just beginning to appreciate the enormous amount of traveling she did that year!)

This is self’s 3rd posting for the Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC). Read all about it on Cee Neuner’s blog. She and Marsha Ingrao are co-hosts of this challenge.

Stay cool, dear blog readers. Stay cool.

10 responses to “Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) #3: Dromberg Stone Circle”

    • I had never heard of this site before either, until I got to Cork. There aren’t any tourist facilities around, you actually have to hire a car and driver to go there. But after I saw it, I realized, this building of stone circles was all over the United Kingdom: Stonehenge, Seahenge (in Cornwall) and in southern Ireland.

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      • I visited Stonehenge with my mom in 1992 while you could still walk around it. I thought it had something to do with time or seasons, but now I know there was much more history to it than that. I’m sure these other locations have much history and folk lore about them, too. 🙂


      • I visited in 2014! I searched hard and found a retired British Army major who leads small group tours that start at sundown. We walked across a sheep meadow (with sheep, of course. And droppings!) and I cannot explain how it feels to see the stones getting bigger and bigger on the horizon. That is a magical place.

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      • Wow! Sundown. That would be a bit eerie, I think, and maybe a bit messy in a field of sheep. Did anything bizarre happen while you were there? Mom and I went on a daytime tour with a group of English teachers from the local university writers organization. Just imagining how the stones got there in the first place boggled our minds.


      • Well, secret: I wrote a short story abt Stonehenge, abt 10 yrs ago. A professor at Oxford happened to read it and sent me the book he wrote abt Stonehenge. It was some kind of pre-historic computer? Could be used to track the movement of the stars? Also, each stone was like a loudspeaker. It was a sacred space — no human habitation was ever built, for miles and miles around. You walked to the site, over meadows, just like my tour group did. The walk was part of the ritual.

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