Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 113: A Labor of Love

Inspired by viveka, whose adventures on my guilty pleasures self has been following for years! Though forced to spend 2020 sheltering at home, viveka’s posts make self incredibly thirsty!

Here’s the reason behind the week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge:

  • People all over the world honor their workers in a variety of ways. In the U.S., we honor those who labor by setting aside the first Monday of September as Labor Day. But world-wide, people pour themselves into their work — paid or unpaid — with commitment, ingenuity, and a sincere desire to make a difference. For them, work has become more than just work. It has become a labor of love.

Here are a few of self’s own Labors of Love.

Self grew tomatoes, and planted more flowers.

The California fires are still blazing.

Take care of yourselves, fire fighters! Hope you have big pitchers of ice-cold beer waiting at the end of your shifts!

Stay safe.

10 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 113: A Labor of Love”

  1. Your entry is so timely — our labors of love in the garden are now coming to fruition, and I can almost taste those juicy tomatoes in your top photo. Thanks, too, for mentioning the firefighters who have been laboring under strenuous circumstances. Your participation in the challenge is much appreciated — Happy Labor Day!

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  2. Those tomatoes look delicious! I hope you’re enjoying them. I love the color of the orange flowers. This is a great use of your time during quarantine. Giving back to the earth!


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