Faces 3: Annual Redwood City, CA Fourth of July Parade

One of the biggest on the Peninsula. This was from the Parade a few years ago:

One of self’s favorite holidays. Seriously.

Mariachis, Beauty Queens, and the Always Inimitable Leland Stanford, Jr. University Marching Band.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Dance 2: What Makes People Want To Move

Is it just self or are The Daily Post Photo Challenges becoming more challenging? The theme of this week’s challenge is DANCE:

Below, Artist Janet Self at Oddfellows Art Gallery, Mendocino:


Artist Janet Self, standing next to her piece in the 2nd floor of Oddfellows art gallery in Mendocino, 2014

Below, one of self’s large collection of Christmas ornaments.


Fresh-Cut from Wegman’s: December 2014

Final Picture: the Fillmore Jazz Festival, July 2014:


Cool Shoes: 2014 Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Francisco

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.



Optimistic 3: 2016 Daily Post Photo Challenge # 4

Cold, gloomy.

There is someone tromping on the roof.

Reminds self she hasn’t logged on to Twitter in a week or more.

When self has no time to play hashtag games, things are really getting serious.

In spite of all, she faces 2016 with optimism.

Here’s a necklace made by the sister of Mavee Park (BFF in kindergarten in Manila!)


Necklace handmade in the Philippines; Red Sweater from Dublin


Mavee throws a huge Thanksgiving party every year. Self was a guest at last year’s. Mavee scattered these paper stars (from the Philippines) all over her rec room.


Thumbs Up! The Blog Mistress Herself, on a Fast Train to Venice, November 2015

It’s a crime not to feel optimistic in Italy. Seriously.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Circle: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


The Daily Post’s first Photo Challenge of 2016 is CIRCLE.

The New Year is “a time of endings and beginnings.” Either “go literal, and look for things around you with perfectly round shapes . . . ” or go the metaphorical route (circle of life, etc)

Self decided, for this post, to go literal:

These are pictures she took in New York City, mid-December 2015:


Columbus Circle (Upper West Side), New York City: December 2015


Horse-Drawn Carriages abound in New York’s Central Park. Look at those big wheels!


Near Grand Central Station, New York, December 2015

Hard to believe it’s already 2016!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Brienne of Tarth!

For a while, self was waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square, but Justin Bieber wasn’t on the night’s list of performers so she got bored.

Self has spent the days leading up to New Year’s bingeing on Game of Thrones Season 5.


OMG Brienne! So good to see you! Hey, did you just chop off someone’s head with your mighty sword? And hey, did Vanity Fair really opine that maybe Stannis Baratheon isn’t really dead? And oh hey, what’s with Danaerys surrounded by a marauding pack of plains horsemen (If self were Danaerys, she’d pray for a quick execution. Which, this being GOT, will never happen)

Vanity Fair refers to Brienne’s path in Season 5 as totally off-book. What does that mean?

Also, one of self’s favorite moments in the finale of Season 5 was Theon and Sansa jumping off a wall together, holding hands. At last! These two most degraded of characters — go take a leap of faith! If only someone would go truly off-book and have Ramsay Bolton throw himself off a castle rampart, not into a snow bank but into a pit of sharpened stakes! That would be the only fitting end for such as he!

Also, she doesn’t understand what’s happening to Arya but possibly the young damsel is becoming bat-shit crazy as who wouldn’t be after living in a cold stone monastery-type place with a man who speaks in cryptic sentences and is constantly shifting faces. Not to mention the girl who keeps striking her.

Then of course self is in complete denial about Jon Snow.

Maybe he’s turning into a White Walker!

Maybe now that he’s been released from his physical incarnation, his true essence can flit about and become a true instigator!

Also, Stannis and to a lesser extent although maybe not to a lesser extent Mrs. Stannis: HOW COULD YOU?

Also, loving the Podrick/Brienne camaraderie.

Also, that was quite a long, lingering look at naked Cersei, even though it was for the purpose of showing the Queen’s absolute humiliation (Only Lena Headey could pull that one off so convincingly!)

Also, self knew without a doubt that when Ellaria gave Myrcella a full-on lip-to-lip kiss, she was up to no good, which was borne out about an hour or so later, when Myrcella started gushing blood from her nose. All in front of her dad, Jaime Lannister. Since Jaime’s ship didn’t look very far from land, self wondered if he would turn the ship around and slay Ellaria. Which — did self ever share with dear blog readers that she saw the actress who plays Ellaria in the Globe production of Titus Andronicus last year? And she was truly truly awesomely seductive. Anyway, of the three acolytes of Ellaria (who are very bad fighters, despite the showy whips, in self’s humble opinion), the smallest one has an impressive rack, and shows it off. Another looks like she could be Filipina. And as for Jaime, she thinks the metal hand is cool. But he should really go back to engaging in witty repartee with Brienne.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Now 3: December 2015

This one’s a no-brainer: Showing now at your local movie theater:


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Also, Christmas trees in all the restaurants, including this one in La Traviata on the Mission. The walls are lined with pictures of famous opera singers. The menu features “Pollo ala Beverly Sills.”


La Traviata, Mission Street, San Francisco

And, one more holiday pic: from the Columbus Circle side of the Trump Center in Manhattan:


The Trump Center, New York, December 2015


Now: 2015 Final WordPress Photo Challenge

The Daily Post WordPress Photo Challenge is coming a wee bit early, as Christmas is in two days!

The final WordPress Photo Challenge for 2015 is NOW. As the prompt explains:

  • Sometimes, we get caught up in nostalgia, future fantasy, or both, and we don’t embrace the “now.” For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your present, and share a photo of it.

Here are three photos celebrating NOW:


Chelsea Market, New York City: Hanging from the Rafters Near the Exits: December 2015


New York City, a Place That Is All About NOW: Edge of Soho, November 2015


Readings are such fleeting pleasures! InsideStorytime, El Amigo Bar on Mission St., San Francisco: November 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

A Week Before Christmas! Photo of the Day


On Sixth Avenue, One Week Before Christmas 2015

Crisis Time for Vampire Peeta!

Self knows, she knows. She should be thinking of Chrriiistmas! Especially since she’s in New York and the Christmas decorations are extremely ostentatious!

Today she walked around Central Park and it was SO warm.


A Gorgeous Day: Central Park, December 2015

There’s a building off a little to the right that has a very distinctive (Art Deco?) design. She wonders: could that be the famous Dakota, the apartment where John Lennon lived?

Then she started reading more of Vampire Everlark.

Katniss, Peeta’s spinsterish secretary, seems to have gotten under Vampire Peeta’s skin somehow because he insists that she has to accompany him to a Christmas party.

(Good Lord! Sirens shrieking all over the Avenues, police cars and fire engines and what not! Self can’t help forming nightmare scenarios in her head! But, on to the task at hand!)


Admiral Paylor is an important business contact of Peeta’s, but she doesn’t show up until hours in, by which time Peeta is ready to leave the party and go home. Katniss persuades him to stay, however, and just when Paylor and Peeta are about to retreat to a private room to discuss business, they hear:


Admiral Paylor says, “A choir! Oh, I just love choirs! Let’s wait and watch . . . “

Peeta being stiff-upper-lip and stoic, but Katniss (because she’s a very efficient secretary) is very attuned to the fact that every time Peeta hears church singing, he starts getting weaker and weaker!

Katniss’s Inner Monologue:


The seconds and minutes are excruciating, every time they finish a song I just hope it’s the last one, but they go on for an hour and a half . . .

An hour and a half!

When self read that, she was just about to die, along with Vampire Peeta! Anyhoo, Peeta is very minimally upright by the end, as dear blog readers can well imagine!

Stay tuned.

Words Like a Scalpel (Still More From Story # 5 in BAD BEHAVIOR)

It seemed as though her friendship with Leisha had never been what she would now call a friendship at all, but a complex system of reassurance and support for self-involved fantasies that they had propped up between them and reflected back and forth.

— “Connection,” Story # 5 in Mary Gaitskill’s Bad Behavior

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