Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Something That Brings a Smile to Your Face

You can’t really see the smiles in this picture, but you can feel them. Yesterday, in Redwood City, corner of Jefferson and Middlefield, during the Fourth of July Parade.

It was the first parade since 2019. There was heavy police presence, but the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Posting this for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (CFFC): Brings a Smile to Your Face.

Stay tuned.

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – July 2022

The Weekly Prompts Colour challenge for this month is VINTAGE RED.

Here are her photos: two are from this morning’s Redwood City Annual Fourth of July Parade, finally back after a three-year hiatus. She decided to add a picture of her Chrysler Imperial Rose, which just started blooming.

Flower of the Day: Fourth of July 2022

Anguish and hope today. The first hometown Fourth of July Parade since 2019 was peaceful. Everything went without a hitch. There were children, and dogs, and grandparents, and veterans. Beautiful weather. too.

But now it is time to focus on home. And Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Her regular readers know this rose. More blooms have opened, but lower down. Which means she had to bend low to photograph these new blossoms. Good thing the rose is right in front of her French doors!

Sentence of the Day: Dekka

Sam: “How are you doing, Dekka?”

Dekka: “Stop asking, Sam.”

Sam: “You have to — “

Dekka: “What? What do I have to do, Sam? They’re eating me from the inside, what do you want me to say?”

Toto: “She’s telling the truth — “

Dekka: “Shut your stupid mouth, you freak!”

Fan of . . . Parades

Happy Fourth. Despite the hard times this country is undergoing, self couldn’t miss her hometown parade, the first since 2019. She parked in the Safeway lot at Sequoia Station and found a good vantage point at the corner of Jefferson and Middlefield. Stood with a family of Latinos, and everyone cheered and waved. There was a Sequoia High School Student of the Year (Picture # 1), the Women Marines’ Association (Picture # 2), the Boy Scouts (Picture # 3), kids and dogs (Picture # 4) and all kinds of random people holding small flags. There was a Black Lives Matter float and a Miss California float. We are still ONE NATION.

Posting for Jez Braithwaite’s Fan Of . . . Challenge.

Got home, switched on the news, heard the news about Highland Park, Illinois.

There are no words.

Sam the Man!

Sam has a plan to rescue the town of Perdido Beach, California from killer bugs AND baddie Drake.

You GO, Sam! That’s right, never give up!

As he thinks aloud, Toto stands helpfully by his right shoulder, very forthcoming with the ad libs.

Sam: Could Jack do it? If he doesn’t want to, I could do it.

Toto: Yes, Sam would.

Sam: Dekka can fly, that’s her superpower.

Toto: That is true.

Sam: I can find a car with at least a gallon of gas and go tearing for Perdido Beach and maybe beat the bugs.

Toto: Sam believes he can, it’s true.

Everyone ignores Toto, but the kid stands just to the side, saying to himself, “That’s not true” or “That’s true.” Do not ask me HOW this scene works, but it is HILARIOUS.

Stay tuned.

Sentence of the Day: Sam

There is a climactic confrontation between teens and killer bugs on a lake!

  • “Be dead, be dead,” Sam muttered under his breath.

Father’s Day 2022

Listening to Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine.

It is son’s FIRST FATHER’S DAY, WOO HOO! Where does the time go.

Jumbotron on Jefferson Avenue says: SEVERE DROUGHT. LIMIT WATERING TO TWO DAYS A WEEK.

This is why self does all her watering by hand. And only at 10 p.m.

This morning, she was at the 9:35 a.m. screening of Top Gun: Maverick at the local Century 20. There were lots of people. She got peeved when someone came in late and sat right next to her. She prefers to keep at least one empty seat between her and the next person. So she moved. We are still in a pandemic!

After the movie (Really great. What a good actor Miles Teller is. And Jennifer Connolly is fantastic and beautiful. How many people know that she was an undergrad at Stanford? She was a transfer from Yale), self drove to Menlo Park Library and checked out yet another Dr. Ruth Galloway mystery.

Went home, resumed reading The Chalk Pit, which might be her favorite of the entire series (14 books and counting). p. 267, Nelson interviews a local theater director in his flat. The same director who is staging an Alice in Wonderland play featuring an adult Alice tripped out on acid (The staging of this play is one of the biggest running gags in this book)

It is pushing midnight. A local woman’s gone missing. The woman just happens to be the partner of one of self’s favorite minor characters, DI David Clough.

“All the cast get on well. Cassie seems close to Adrian Linley, who plays the Caterpillar, her father in the play. Flora Frampton, who plays the Queen of Hearts, she mothers everybody, and Darrell Shaw . . . ” he pauses.

“Yes? What about Darrell Shaw?”

“He’s a young actor. Very talented. Plays the Gryphon, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. I just have a feeling that he has rather a crush on Cassie.”

“Does she have a crush back?”

“No.” Leo sounds quite shocked. “She seems blissfully happy with that oafish policeman partner.” He stops. “Oh, I’m sorry . . . “

Nelson hangs on to his stiff upper lip. LOL LOL LOL

Waiting in some excitement for the Juneteenth concert at the Hollywood Bowl to begin. CNN is carrying it live.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) # 48: Honoring Fallen Heroes & Sheroes

Self is so happy she is able to participate in the PPAC Challenge this week! The theme is Honoring Fallen Heroes & Sheroes.

She is currently in Oxford, UK. The last trip she took before the pandemic was also to Oxford, to listen to a reading by Oxford’s first ever female professor of poetry, Alice Oswald, Nov. 2019. She was in the company of friends Jenny Lewis and Joan McGavin. It so happened she was here on Armistice Day, Nov. 11.

She attended a service at Christchurch. No tourists, but she told the guard she was NOT a tourist, she was here to attend the service. So he let her through.

The service was very moving. The names of all the men of Christchurch who died in World War I were read aloud. Later, she saw a wall on the side of the chapel, with all the names inscribed in stone, a single wreath leaning against the memorial.

How very, very restrained.

One Word Sunday: EGG


Paul brought a bunch of chocolates for the residents this morning.

I snagged this lovely prize, which put me in mind of Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday prompt for today: EGG.

These, btw, are NOT Nestlé product. Checked the fine print just to make sure.

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