The Evil Villain

I know that’s totally non sequitur, but as the Villain himself would say, Ha ha.

Yes, this Villain ends each sentence with a “Ha ha.” Not laughing “ha ha” but “ha ha” like he’s reading the words from a book.

He has a gun pointed to the back of our hero’s head, and he keeps saying “Ha ha.”

Mr. Ha ha Villain tells the hero to unbuckle his belt, whereupon:

I unbuckled it. The holster hit my knee and turned over. The gun fell out on the shed floor.

“Now you can buckle up again. Nice belt, ha-ha.”

(At this point I’m going to stop most of the ha-ha shit, because he said it all the time, as a kind of verbal punctuation. Just let me add that it was extremely Rumplestiltskin-ish. Which is to say, creepy.)

Fairy Tale, p. 200

Our hero then has an epiphany: I had no clue how to turn the tables on the little fucker.

Stay tuned.

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