The Inexorable

Abaddon’s Gate, pp. 116 – 117:

  • The flotilla was coming to the last leg of its journey. They had passed the orbit of Uranus weeks ago, and the sun was a bright star in an overwhelming abyss of night sky. All the plumes of fire were pointed toward the Ring now, bleeding off their velocity with every passing minute.

Self is enjoying Abaddon’s Gate so much more than Caliban’s War. She would rather have space travel and adventure than any other kind of reading, at the moment.

Stay safe, dear blog readers.

2 responses to “The Inexorable”

  1. So glad you are into the Expanse series. I’m a fangirl. Reading Cibola Burn right now, halfway through… and I feel the same way: I need to get lost in SciFi right now.


    • SO pleased we share a fandom! I’m a third of the way through Abaddon’s Gate, and love it. Yes, this kind of book is where my head wants to be right now. So grateful I stumbled on this universe. ROCINANTE FOREVER!


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