Enter the Villain: Ordinary Monsters, p. 97

There was a faint reek of soot in the darkness.

“Hello?” he said. “Is someone there?”

“Mr. Fox,” said a voice. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“These are my private quarters, sir,” replied Felix sharply. He wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from. “You are here from the Daily Almanac, I presume?”

He sat at his desk and fumbled at the lantern until he’d lit its wick and then he closed the little glass door and peered up. The stranger was standing in the darkness beside the filing cabinet, his face wrapped by a black scarf. Felix swallowed, uneasy. He looked nothing like a small-town reporter.

— ordinary monsters, p. 97

The Daily Almanac? The Daily Almanac! LOL For that alone, the killer should . . .

Self likes Mr. Fox; she hopes nothing happens to him. Alas, self has a penchant for liking the character most likely to be bumped off. For instance, during Record of a Spaceborn Few, by Becky Chambers, self identified closely with ____ and halfway through, NOOOOOO!

Stay tuned.

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