October Is . . .

Serious witchiness.

Took these pictures in the Winchester Mystery House today.

Spookiness in the Winchester Mystery House Labyrinth
Boo! More spookiness in the Winchester Mystery House
Floating pumpkins! These were in a fountain in front of the main entrance to the house.

The Winchester Mystery House hosts Fright Nights the whole month of October.

It is juxtaposed between a busy freeway and a cineplex (which, judging from the very outmoded architecture, dates from the 1970s).  Wonder what Sarah Winchester would have thought about that.  Her house used to sit in the middle of 161 acres of orchard land.

The last time self took this tour was a long time —  maybe over a decade —  ago.  She thinks they seem to have played down the craziness of Sarah Winchester’s persona, though there was that one tiny room, where Mrs. Winchester supposedly conducted daily seances.

Halloween is one of self’s favorite holidays.  She loves the costumes-in-the-dark, the way witches in pointy hats and pirates and devils with pitchforks swarm up and down the streets, the sharp knocks at the front door.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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