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Transmogrify means: to transform, change, morph

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Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Self thinks her most important current relationship is with her beta.

That is, she sort of thinks she’s found a beta, though the beta has four other WIPs of her own to get through, not to mention she has a very young kid at home. Not to mention she’s writing two Halloween-related drabbles. Not to mention she’s writing a sequel to the sexiest Vampire Peeta fan fic of all time!

Self just found out her beta lives in a completely different time zone: she’s three hours ahead of self.

It’s really useful to have a beta, because a beta is the best sounding board. The best.

When you’re writing fan fic, your story becomes 10x better if you have a beta.

When her beta doesn’t answer self’s messages, she feels bereft.

Which leads self to:

Last night, some young women in the apartment across the way were screeching and laughing raucously. Self had to wonder how girls could have that much fun, just talking. Then, at around 2 a.m., she heard something heavy land against a window. Probably thrown from an adjacent building. Nothing broke, but suddenly all sound stopped, just like that. And didn’t resume. Well, that was very efficient.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

SHINE 2: Night in the City

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is SHINE.

Which is why self took her camera along when she caught a FACINE (Filipino Arts & Cinema International) 23 film screening at the Little Roxie on 16th St.


Halloween Already! San Francisco goes all out!


Heading to the Little Roxie on 16th St.

The film, Ari: My Life With a King, was sweet and gentle and lovely. Rooted in place.

Great script, great editing. By a first-time filmmaker, too. Remember his name:  Carlo Enciso Catu.

Self would like to give a shout-out to Mauro Feria Tumbocon, Jr. for nurturing this festival, now in its 23rd year.

The Festival’s last day is tomorrow. Tickets for individual films are $10.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Undead Peeta (Halloween Everlark Fan Fic Spill-over)

Apologies, dear blog readers. Self’s brain is all scrambled. What with seeing the Arno River for the first time today and wondering which Hemingway story had this river as a prominent setting (or which World War II battle unfolded here) and trying to read up on all the Halloween Everlark fan fic that came bursting out of the creative geniuses of Miss Honeywell, Alliswell, and the like, in the past week, self is quite beside herself.

So, let’s focus for now on Undead Peeta. Florence can wait for another post.

Delly, effervescent BFF of Peeta’s Previous Incarnation (Baker Boy) has encountered the Undead Peeta stalking into town for the first time and goes running up to him, gamely offering her neck.

Peeta picks her up in his arms but — uh, oh! — catches sight of Katniss and faster than you can say, Boo! dumps Delly gracelessly on her bottom and makes for Katniss. But when he reaches her, instead of immediately snacking on her neck, he tells her:

“You shouldn’t be here talking to me. I’m dangerous, a monster. I could do terrible things to you.”

“Is that what you were going to do to Delly?” is the first thing out of Katniss’s mouth.

Peeta shakes his head violently.

“Delly would have been just a meal. You, on the other hand . . . “


After this magnanimous Undead Peeta speech, Katniss still has time to grab at his arm and notice it is still full of muscle and quite alluring.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Halloween-Themed Everlark! Miss Honeywell: “First We Feast”

Gale, Madge (Gale’s pregnant wife) and Katniss are off on a quest to find District Twelve, a mysterious place that doesn’t appear on any map. They are there because Katniss wants to scatter her parents’ ashes at the place where they were married: Twelve Souls Chapel, 508 Nightlock Road, District Twelve. Scouring the internet for information, Katniss learns that there is a very good roadside diner in Twelve, famous for its “delicious baked pastries” LOL!

Along the way, they pass an eerily deserted landscape, with only one gas station for miles and miles. Faster than one can say Holy Texas Chainsaw Massacre, an attendant appears, whose name just happens to be Haymitch. He makes various dolorous pronouncements (Such as: “Careful touching the merchandise, you might get tetanus.”). The very last thing he says to the trio is: STAY ALIVE.

Back in the car, the following conversation ensues:

Katniss:  Have you seen a single police station or car in the entire time we’ve been on this trip?

Gale (stubborn, per usual):  911 exists for a reason.

Katniss (mimicking a caller):  Hello, 911? There was a grumpy old man at a gas station that hurt my feelings.

As dear blog readers well know, everyone in fan fiction has an alias. But they are very real people, of course. One happens to live right in Hoboken, New Jersey. How does self know? Because Katniss Everdeen, Demonhunter, is set in Hoboken, New Jersey, LOL!

And after reading First We Feast, self knows for a fact that Miss Honeywell is English. How does self know this? Because only an English writer would have a sentence like this: “Sussing out where exactly the township of District Twelve was located hadn’t been easy.”

Self needs to warn dear blog readers that this is a very cheesy story, with double intendrés sprinkled all over the text like white on rice (Exhibit A: Peeta to Katniss, Do you want me to help you fill up. Actually he said something else, but self cannot for the life of her quote the actual line without cracking up)

And just as Katniss and Peeta (who met only minutes earlier, in the aforementioned diner with everyone’s favorite baker the sole occupant) kiss, they suddenly hear:


Then Katniss makes the very dumb decision to go with the stranger into the woods but, hey, what can self say, this is Peeta we’re talking about here!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Extra(ordinary): San Francisco, October 2015

Love the prompt this week: (Extra)ordinary, finding meaning in the ordinary.

Last week, self was in San Francisco. Only two more weeks till Halloween! Hence Halloween decorations in the laundromat she uses and an ice cream store, Xanath, on Valencia Street in the city:

Monday Afternoon at the Laundromat (2nd to Last Monday in October 2015)

Monday Afternoon at the Laundromat (2nd to Last Monday in October 2015)

Love the black cat above the white washing machines!

Love the black cat above the white washing machines!

Of course, no trip anywhere would be complete without a visit to an ice cream store! Here’s Xanath on Valencia Street:

Xanath, an Organic Fro-Yo and Ice Cream Place on Valencia Street. Sampled their wares during the Oct. 17 Litcrawl.

Xanath, an Organic Fro-Yo and Ice Cream Place on Valencia Street. Sampled their wares during the Oct. 17 Litcrawl.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Descent: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is DESCENT — “A perspective looking down, from the top . . . ”

For her first attempt at interpreting DESCENT, self focuses on the obvious: stairs and ladders.

Cottage # 4, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, County Monaghan, Ireland:  May 2014

Cottage # 4, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, County Monaghan, Ireland: May 2014

Montmartre, July 2014: Steps to Sacre Couer

Montmartre, July 2012: Steps to Sacre Couer


Loft Apartment, Bacolod City, the Philippines

Three different places, separated by oceans:  Annaghmakerrig, Ireland; Paris; and Bacolod.

Stay tuned.

Refraction 3: House of Humor, Redwood City

Since yesterday, self has been taking a lot of pictures around her neighborhood, all with the theme of REFRACTION firmly in mind.

She went into a local costume store, House of Humor, and took a couple of pictures. She hopes they fit the theme this week. They’re not so much about light as about the unexpected. More like the refraction that happens when you expect 2 + 2 to = 4, but it doesn’t.

That’s Halloween for ya.  The whole holiday is about refraction.  The kids around the block turn into ghosts and goblins. At least for a few hours.

Self gets to try on a new disguise.

That’s why she loves it.  She loves Halloween. She mourns when she can’t personally hand out the candy.

The House of Humor on El Camino Real in Redwood City: What an achievement, self hasn't stepped inside in about 10 years.

The House of Humor on El Camino Real in Redwood City: What an achievement, self hasn’t stepped inside in about 10 years.  She was hoping to find a good selection of Hunger Games wigs, but she only saw one Hunger Games thing, and it was Katniss Everdeen’s arena suit in Catching Fire.

Look at those giant bugs!

Look at those giant bugs!

Who is that supposed to be in the rocking chair? Frankenstein?

Who is that supposed to be in the rocking chair? Frankenstein? She finds it really eerie that his gaze is directed upwards, towards the ceiling.

Here's her "Effie Trinket" wig, which admittedly is a pretty lame imitation . . .

Here’s her “Effie Trinket” wig, which admittedly is a pretty lame imitation. Someone told her she might be able to get the curls to stay up if she used a lot of hairspray. Paging Cinna!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Eerie: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Post

Oh, witchy witchy time of year.

Last night, self’s humble abode was visited by the ghosts of medieval knights, Jango Fett, Alice in Wonderland, a devil, and a myriad other apparitions.  They all willingly posed for self, after she bribed them with extra candy.

This morning, she looked up the WordPress Photo Challenge, and it was, appropriately enough:  EERIE.

Here are her three eerie places (as evidenced by these photographs):

  • a deserted alley, Venice
  • a bed in Manila
  • the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
Somewhere Near San Toma'

Venice, somewhere near San Toma’. Was not yet tourist season.

A new bed

Manila:  A new bed

Spookiness in the Winchester Mystery House Labyrinth

Spookiness in the Winchester Mystery House Labyrinth

Have dear blog readers ever watched the Jeepers Creepers movies?  They are so terrifically creepy.  Justin Long was in the first one.

What about The Omen?  The original version, with Gregory Peck?  Super eerie.

But the creepiest movie of all has got to be Nicholas Roeg’s adaptation of a Daphne du Maurier story, Don’t Look Now, which starred Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.  Self only saw it once, but the image of the child in the red raincoat, the resounding cavernous spaces of Venetian churches, and the woman who speaks with dead people and tells Sutherland’s heartbroken father to Beware and Take Care are etched into her memory forever.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

The First Halloween 2013 Post

Before self left on her latest trip to the Philippines, she already set out ceramic pumpkins and furry spiders.  Fun!  She even bought a bag of candy from Lucky (According to self’s theory of HOW THINGS WORK, Halloween candy gets more expensive as the holidays approach).

Every year, she tries to make up her mind to wear a Halloween outfit.  But she never does.  She wants to, though.  She thinks it is fun to greet trick-or-treaters attired as a witch or something.

This year, Buzzsugar offers cheerful pointers for those of us who aspire to be Game of Thrones characters.  Here are a few:

For those who aspire to be Cersei:

    WHAT TO WEAR: a very long, blonde wig with hair pulled back.  Wear “a regal-looking gown deep-red gown with full sleeves.
    HOW TO ACT: “Severe and cunning. Talk down to whoever you are speaking to.”

For those who aspire to be Tyrion:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “a burgundy-hued long-sleeved shirt and vest and black pants and boots.  Wear a Hand-of-the-King pin.  Make sure to add the scar.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Keep up a stream of witty one-liners.”

For those who aspire to be Joffrey:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “Fake armor and a cape, leather boots, and a golden crown atop your blonde hair or wig.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Like a snivelling little brat.”

For those who aspire to be Daenerys:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “A white wig . . .  a blue V-neck dress, and some fierce jewelry made of horns or steel.  Bonus points if you can find some toy dragons.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Quietly confident, but assert your status as the Mother of Dragons if provoked.  Ask everyone where . . . your . . .  dragons . . .  are.”

For those who aspire to be Robb Stark:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “Fake armor and dark-colored clothing with a fake fur jacket.  Wield a toy sword.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Like you just can’t wait to be king.”

For those who aspire to be Arya Stark:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “A long-sleeved brown tunic belted at the waist over brown pants.  Carry a sword.  Wear a pixie-cut wig if your hair isn’t already short.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Like you’re not afraid of anything.  Challenge your friends to sword fights.”

For those who aspire to be Hodor:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “A big, dark sweater and scarf.  Wear a white wig and leather backpack, with a child-size doll attached to the back.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Protectve and stoic, and only say the word ‘Hodor.’ “

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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