Everlark Fanfiction Multi-Chapter Story Stalls

Apologies, dear blog readers, this is something she hasn’t posted about in a long time: her avocation for writing Hunger Games Everlark fan fiction (Multi-chapter, loaded with angst. Please do not judge).

She started writing fan fiction late last year, and found it to be an extremely relaxing activity.

First, she made Peeta the hero, and Katniss the supporting player.

Then, she married Katniss off to Gale, and gave them a son.

Then, she had Peeta’s father murdered (by who else but Snow?) and had Gale arrested by Cray (framed for the murder of Peeta’s father). Self suspects she did this solely to have an excuse for Katniss to spend much time in the Justice Building, being interrogated by the depraved Cray. (Readers said self’s Cray was THE most disgusting iteration of that character in anything Everlark. You’d better believe it! She’s had so much practice writing depraved characters in her regular fiction! And BTW, another depraved character is to enter her universe of published work very very very soon, when Juked publishes her story “First Life,” they said mid-July.)

Then she had Haymitch wandering dolorously about District 12.

Then she forced Peeta to marry a career victor from One named Darna.

Then she got responses from readers that they liked Darna; she was like Katniss 2.0

Then, she realized she was not writing Everlark any longer, but Peeta + OOC.

So then, she had absolutely no idea how to proceed. But one of her last scenes was Peeta running flat-out down an avenue of the Capitol, escaping from a pair of suits who behave like Tweedledum and Tweedledee and talk like escapees from a Samuel Beckett play (God, can you believe that self actually mentions Samuel Beckett in connection with Hunger Games Everlark fan fiction???) Peeta gets caught and taken to a train platform. Then he winds up with —  Finnick’s father in the woods of Four ???? And Katniss shows up there, too, and self has no idea how?

Can she just make Peeta a Shadowhunter? That way he has at his disposal all kinds of glamours? So he can run flat-out down a Capitol Avenue and escape from Tweedledum and Tweedledee? (In her fiction, Peeta’s wearing nothing. Because — never mind, long long long backstory. Self’s inspiration was watching Magic Mike.)

This is the kind of thing self is afraid might happen to this novel she is writing now, about a Spanish priest in the 18th century who is assigned a mission to the Philippines. He arrives on an island, witnesses all kinds of un-Christian activity. The wilderness is terrible, loathsome. He can spout the Bible but can he actually save a pirate from being hanged right before his very eyes?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Door: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is DOOR.

The Daily Post prompt: “publish a new post with a photo of a door.”

To which self says, QED!

Because doors fascinate her almost as much as windows do.

The First Door:  Mendocino Village, California

Sweetwater Gardens is a Bed & Breakfast with a fancy restaurant and spa. One of the rooms (someone told her) is in a water tower.


The Second Door: Entrance to the Ceramics Studio at the Mendocino Art Center. Self took the picture during Second Saturday (January 2015): Every second Saturday of the month, Mendocino’s galleries hold little wine-and-cheese receptions and people can stroll in and out of various art galleries.


The Third Door: AMC Ontario Mills Shopping Center, Southern California

Well, technically that’s not a door. Just a representation of one. Apologies!

Actually, that’s not even a representation of a door. Whatever. It’s a portal.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Muse: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is MUSE.

What is a MUSE? A source of inspiration.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the muses were nine goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who presided over the arts and sciences.

Books are self’s inspiration (muse):

My Writing Studio in the Cottage in the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghamakerrig

Self’s Writing Studio in her Cottage in the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghamakerrig

The Virginia Woolf book is from the bookshelves in her cottage. The other book is self’s personal copy, which she’s been bringing along with her everywhere because her novel-in-progress is set in 18th century Spain:

Reading for Self's Novel-In-Progress

Reading for Self’s Novel-In-Progress

And traveling, of course, is a constant source of inspiration.

Self took the picture below when she was with poet Joan McGavin, who took her to a demonstration near Lambeth Bridge (on June 17), calling for more action on climate change:

Houses of Parliament, Viewed from the South Bank, London, June 17

Houses of Parliament, Viewed from the South Bank, London, June 17

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Victor Klemperer, Dresden, 1942

On 14 February 1942, Klemperer, aged 60 and in less than perfect health, was ordered to report for work clearing snow off the streets. He was married to a non-Jew; his wife was called a “Jew’s whore.”

They ransacked his house, taking away everything of value. Except for — the diaries.

“Desperately worried that the Gestapo would find his diaries (one is murdered for lessser misdemeanors), Klemperer started to get his wife to take them” to a “non-Jewish friend” for safekeeping.

“But,” he wrote, “I shall go on writing . . . This is my heroism. I intend to bear witness, precise witness!”

— from The Third Reich at War, Part 3 (“The Final Solution”), p. 252

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Randomness: Saturday, 20 June 2015

Today the weather is all mixed up. Self felt cool-ish this morning so she put on a turtleneck sweater.

Sometime in the afternoon, it began to shower. Only briefly. Only the merest whisper of moisture.

Now, it is hot. So hot it is really punishing to keep the sweater on. But since she’s been traveling so diligently, most of her clothes are in need of washing. And she brought very little with her (because she knew she’d be hitting buses and trains and hauling her own luggage all over the UK). And she is also feeling somewhat lethargic. And it is too much bother to change into something else.

It occurs to self that a number of distinct words describing negative emotional states begin with the letter “D.” Such as:

distracted * distraught * distressed

It occurs also to self that it is hard to write without using the letter “E.”

She just tried doing a challenge on Jennifer’s Journal. Here it is, for those who care to try.

And it occurs to self that Word Riot, several years ago, published a piece by her that was a Dictionary of sorts:

It began thus:


Ask. Ask and thou shalt receive.

Assumpta est Maria, you sang every week in the auditorium.

Angels. Angelus. Angelic.

Admit, admit this was all your fault.

Against. Must you always — ?

And on it went, all the way through the alphabet, self pulling random objects from thin air.

And she did it. She got all the way to the letter “Z.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Off-Season: Cambridge, UK

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is OFF-SEASON.

“This week, we challenge you to show us what OFF-SEASON means to you.”

Here are three from today. Self was in Cambridge.

Every year, Cambridge University throws a carnival to mark the end of the school year. Today was very rainy, so there weren’t many people enjoying the outdoor booths and rides. Self thinks this is a good illustration of OFF-SEASON:

Annual Carnival, Cambridge, UK

Annual Carnival, Cambridge, UK

It's no fun being at a carnival when it's raining!

It’s no fun being at a carnival when it’s raining!

Still, the carnival will still be there tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after.

Still, the carnival will still be there tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Beg Pardon, Yet Another CLOCKWORK PRINCESS Quote


Dearest blog readers, self finished reading Clockwork Princess days ago, but now it is time for the RE-READING of her favorite scenes. One of which happens to be the cave-in-Wales scene because that’s where Will goes to rescue Tessa from the evil clutches of Mortmain (Self definitely needs to do some exploring of Wales!).

Incidentally, self discovered that although there really is very slim pickings in Wessa fan fiction, there is ONE very good one she found just a few minutes ago, on fanfiction.net

Since the writer summarizes the kinks in the plot, self feels it is okay to share:

In Chapter 1, Shadowhunters at the London Institute are still trying to find a way to stop Mortmain and protect Tessa. But that conniving Mortmain gets a demon to help him make a clockwork Tessa. So they grab the real Tessa, and leave behind the clockwork Tessa, and it fools Will Herondale for, like, one day? But that’s enough time to abduct Tessa and elude the Shadowhunters.

Oh heavens to mergatroid, can there be anything more exciting than the moment when Will discovers his Tessa is actually an automaton???

Anyhoo, in yet another aside (Self is well aware that she has yet to post the quote mentioned in her title), self read a post on Goodreads that complained about how long each of the novels in The Infernal Devices series was — each about 600 pages. Admittedly, they’re each fat novels, but self refuses to complain. After all, longer novels just mean MORE WILL HERONDALE.

The same reader also said that if Cassandra Clare had cut down on those long passages of description about Victorian London, the books would have been much improved.


Self strenuously disagrees. She thinks that it is the meticulous detail in Clare’s scene setting that elevates her writing far far above the field of fantasy writers.

For example, in the cave scene:

Tessa and Will are resting together on the bed (Wonder why Mortmain left Tessa alone for so long — don’t get self wrong, she is glad that Tessa and Will got to have their moment, but Mortmain seems so paranoid and grasping, it’s sort of hard to believe that he wouldn’t be checking up on Tessa very frequently. Anyhoo, they’ve had at least six hours alone. Plenty of time! Thank you, Mortmain). The fire has burnt down (This cave/prison came equipped with a fireplace)

p. 419:

Late in the night or early in the morning, Tessa woke. The fire had burned down entirely, but the room was lit by the peculiar torchlight that seemed to go on and off without rhyme or reason.

And the only thing self can think of after reading that passage is:




In the nineteenth century!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

On the Way 2

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is ON THE WAY.

Share a shot of something you saw, did or experienced on the way: a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way.

Bay Bridge Underbelly

Bay Bridge Underbelly, Heading West

Descending from self's unit in the Mendocino Art Center

Descending from self’s unit in the Mendocino Art Center

Through the Window of the Train to Chicago from Glenview

Through the (Tinted) Window of the Train to Chicago from Glenview, ILL

Stay tuned.

The Absurdly Visceral Mad Max: Fury Road


Bad guys actually make use of a minstrel.

Only George Miller

At times the road melée put self in mind of Cirque du Soleil. Especially the pole riders.

Again, only George Miller

Five ethereal damsels who seem to have walked straight out of the pages of Vogue sit in an oil rig.

Once again, only George Miller.

People spray their mouths with . . . something. Shiny. Seems to make them bat-shit crazy. Self means, crazier than they already are.

GM, genius.


GM, again genius.

There IS, in this movie, mention of the following: Valhalla, breeders, bags of sun, dying “historic” and half-life.

Charlize Theron at the end seems to have lost an eye. Thankfully, the eyelid is closed.

Woman gets shot in the leg. Charlize: “How does it feel?” Shot woman: “It hurts.” Charlize: “Out here, everything hurts.”

Casting Sweet Nicholas Hoult as nihilistic “War Boy” Nux. All hail, casting director.

There is a race of white people. Self doesn’t mean Caucasian white. She means Sankai Juko/ buto white. The albino look somehow giving viewers the FEELZ for this awful future dystopia.

The smearing of black across the cheekbones somehow translates to: I’m coming for you, a**holes. And I will CRUSH you. Exhibit A: Charlize

Because out there in the wasteland, symbolic gestures are everything.

Tom Hardy finally gets to give his growl maximum (and welcome) exposure.

Self can’t even.

Stay tuned.

Quote of The Day: NOT Clockwork Princess

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

— Albert Einstein

You’re welcome.

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