Musings: Last Saturday of March 2010

Self quite at a loss as to what to do this morning. Should she and hubby see a movie? But he’s already made an appointment for a haircut (Funny, because there really is very little hair there — to cut, self means. As usual, self digresses) and he goes to a barber who takes  an hour and a half.

Of course, self could see a movie, and here are the choices:

  • Alice in Wonderland — Er, no. It looks creepy. And self doesn’t wish to mar her memories of this delightful children’s classic.
  • The Bounty Hunter — Again, no. She wishes Gerard Butler would go back to being a Spartan.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid — Self never wants to watch movies that remind her of how she used to be, so likewise no.
  • How To Train Your Dragon — Eric Snider gave this one an A- ! But hubby says no, no, and NO.
  • Hot Tub Time Machine — This is the one hubby really wants to see. Self hopes she doesn’t get too depressed watching John Cusack and counting all the lines on his face (Rrrow!  Self, sometimes you can be a real biyaaatch!)

So, while hubby is making up his mind which movie he feels like seeing today, self’s thoughts are wandering again to the U.S. Census.  She decides it warrants further investigation, so she goes to the Census website and discovers that you can choose to answer the Census in any of the following languages (Self italicized the Philippine languages —  No Hiligaynon, grrrr!):

  • Shqip/Albanian * Amharic * Arabic * Armenian * Bengali * Bulgarian * Burmese * Cebuano * Chamorro * Chinese Simplified or Chinese Traditional * Non-Fosun Chuuk/  Chuukese * Hrvatsi/ Croatian * Czech * Dinka * Dutch * Farsi * French * German * Greek * Gujarati * Haitian Creole * Hebrew * Hindi * Hmong * Hungarian * Ilocano * Italian * Japanese * Cambodian * Korean * Laotian * Lithuanian * Marshallese * Navajo * Nepali * Polish * Portuguese * Punjabi * Romanian * Russian * Spanish * Samoan * Serbian * Somali * Swahili * Tagalog * Tamil * Thai * Tigrinya * Tongan * Turkish * Ukrainian * Urdu * Vietnamese * Yiddish

Whew!  That’s quite a list!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.


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