All Hands on Deck!

Self finished reading The Lantern Men in the wee hours. As she only has four more books to read in the Dr. Ruth Galloway series (She’s not reading them in order; it doesn’t matter, as they are all the same book), she’s decided to alternate her Ruth Galloway with other readings. She’s just started Shards of Earth, by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time almost broke her. Two humans, one of the last of their kind, are put into crypto-sleep and jettisoned into space. Oh, and before they go to sleep, they hook up. After, they’re “woken” by their mother ship, but never at the same time. Talk about AAAAARGH! And btw, earth is ruled by a super-intelligent race of spiders spiders SPIDERS!!!!!

Shards of Earth begins with what you could call a situation. We’re in medias battle. Point of view: Myrmidon Solace, on the space warship Heaven’s Sword, where every soldier is female and has the same face. Enemy: an entity referred to only as The Architect (God, if you will, but in Destroyer Mode).

Great Plot Twist, p. 5:

“Myrmidon Solace!”

“Mother!” She saluted, waiting for her duties.

“Get this to the bridge!”

She blinked. This was a man. A Colonial human man. He was skinny and jug-eared and looked as though he’d already snapped under the trauma of the fight. His eyes were wide and his lips moved soundlessly.


“Take him to the bridge. Now, Myrmidon! This is it, sister. This is the weapon. And if it’s a weapon, we need to use it.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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