What Is It to Lead?

This post might make Washington out to be the most bloodthirsty sort, ever. It’s yet another one about Washington meting out swift — and final — justice.

In the hard winter of 1779- 1780, Washington finds himself with mutinies to suppress.

First, a mutiny on the Pennsylvania line, which was quelled by the New Jersey line.

Then, a mutiny of the New Jersey line, despite Washington having approved the execution of the Pennsylvania mutineers as a warning (the Pennsylvanians were tapped to carry out the executions, to rub it in more. Washington was absolutely savage in his messaging).

Despite . . . Washington’s efforts, two hundred men from the Jersey line mutinied shortly after the Pennsylvanians. Without hesitating, Washington assembled the ringleaders and executed most of them. The contagion was contained.

Washington’s Immortals, p. 228

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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