Some Thoughts on Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”

Kenneth Branagh has a sense of humor.  Yes, indeed he does.

Self thought the actor who played Loki had just the right “fey” kind of look, plus his British accent made him sound prissy and malevolent (which is probably the reason why so many Brits collect paychecks from Hollywood movies, by playing bad guys.)  She doesn’t think a full-on Aussie accent (even coming from a guy as massive and physically imposing as Chris Hemsworth) would be able to project quite the same level of malice.  If you don’t believe self, try saying “You’re toast” in an Aussie accent, and then try saying it with your best emulation of a British accent.  See what self means?

Natalie Portman’s voice was not irritating.  And her size was perfect, because then Chris Hemsworth simply towered over her, which only added to his character’s aura of invincibility.  In the future, Natalie Portman should be cast opposite all Marvel super-heroes.  If not Portman, then some actress of similar petite (Portman, self heard, is 5’2″) proportions.  Pretty is not absolutely essential, but pretty would help.

Chris Hemsworth is ripped!  Ripped!  Ripped!

Stelan Skarsgard father of “True Blood” hottie Alexander Skarsgard, is in this movie!  The last time he played a pivotal role in a movie like this —  i.e., purely popcorn fare —  was in “Deep Blue Sea,” the movie that had probably the funniest Samuel L. Jackson speech, this side of “Pulp Fiction.”

The movie had quite a few scenes that were funny.  There were no scenes in which the audience stared and said, “Huh?”

The preview for “Conan the Barbarian” looked fantastic.  The guy cast as Conan looked completely nondescript —  someone on the level of Favio, only with a snarl.

Chris Evans in the preview for “Captain America” looked hilarious —  Self means, of course, in the Tiny Man Mode.

The theater in the downtown Redwood City Century 20 was packed, this movie is apparently a hit.

Why was Jeremy Renner in it for two minutes?  Couldn’t Branagh have brought the archer back for some entertainingly tense repartee with the God of Thunder?  Or with Portman’s Jane?

The girl who played Darcy, Portman’s sidekick, exhibited a real flair for comic, deadpan delivery.  Most of the laughs in the movie were hers.  This actress (Kat Dennings) does “American Nerd” very well indeed.  Next time, she should be cast as the female lead in some super-hero movie.  She is too good an actress to be stuck in a role where the closest she gets to a leading man’s lips is an offer to perform CPR.

All in all, this was a very entertaining movie.  There was wit and intelligence behind it (and this was even before self found out who directed it).  The only thing that disappointed her was the mechanical thing-a-ma-jig that creates the bridge to earth, or whatever you call it.  She didn’t think Valhalla should be subjected to such mechanical contraptions.  Everything in Valhalla should move smoothly and instantaneously, like magic.  Self doesn’t watch to watch any slow shifting of the gears in a movie about Norse gods.

Which brings us back to Loki, smooth anti-He man to Chris Hemsworth’s all-muscle Thor.  Self doesn’t know if it was the angles from which his face was shot, but this man’s face is so —  magnetic?  His eyes looked huge, simply huge!  If there is another “Thor” movie, self will watch it just to see what new heights of malevolence Loki can get up to.

Since self is such an indefatigable and nosy blogger, she of course has to look him up.  Well, well, his name is Tom Hiddleston (This is amazing.  Another of her fave British actors is Tom Wisdom!  Har, har, har!).  And he is super super —  and self means SUPER —  skinny.  But apparently his British accent is authentic because he was born in London.  And he also plays Magnus in a TV series called “Wallander” (Oh, hey, that must be based on the Henning Mankell books!  Self loves this series already!  When is it coming to America?)

They seem to have re-worked “The Green Lantern” preview to emphasize more of the mythical elements, which self thinks is a good idea.

So, looks like there are a number of summer movies that self thinks will be truly enjoyable.

Tomorrow, when self flies to New York, she has a three-hour lay-over in Los Angeles (which is why her ticket was so cheap).  She left a message for son, telling him about this lengthy layover, and son called to say perhaps they could manage to meet.  If not tomorrow, then on self’s way back.  Happy happy joy joy!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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