Washington’s Immortals, Chapter 26: The March South (to Charleston)

They left Morristown on April 16, 1780, becoming part of a campaign that kept them in the South for several years. Hundreds of the men did not leave to return home. Captain Bob Kirkwood kept a daily journal of their odyssey and every day they recorded the miles the Immortals marched. The majority within the Maryland and Delaware regiments traversed a breathtaking 4,656 miles — often barefoot — between the spring of 1780 and the spring of 1782. The state did not compensate them until 1783 — and then paid only if they were lucky enough to have survived and to have jumped through the right administrative and judicial loops. Wages ceased for most men in 1780. Officers advanced some of the men money, but after the war men had to swear under oath and convince a Maryland judge that they were owed back pay.

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