The Characters That Made Up the American Revolutionary Forces

Self is trying to pick up her reading pace because she’s renewed Washington’s Immortals three times. At this point, less than halfway, self has learned a few things:

  • Washington is not a brilliant commander, but he never blames himself for his losses, which is key. He may lose battles, but he is never defeated.
  • The soldiers of the revolutionary army are somewhat flaky, but always enthusiastic. Again, this is key. Because the British soldiers are far from home and may wonder what they are doing in such a far-away country, to satisfy the whims of King George.
  • Anthony Wayne of Pennsylvania, born to Irish immigrants, was nicknamed Mad Anthony. “In the midst of battle, he had an almost berserk manner and had been heard to call out: I believe a sanguine god is rather thirsty for human gore!
  • Every time mention is made of the Schuylkill River, self feels like cheering (Philadelphia is such a fabulous city). Alas, Washington is trapped between this river and the British Army. The British General hands him a pass by choosing to leave Washington alone and enter Philadelphia. “The loss of Philadelphia might have been a knockout blow to the rebellion, but with Washington’s army intact . . . Congress fled the city rather than surrender.” Self thinks Zelensky would be wise to do similar, but it may be too late. The reason Russia attacked so aggressively, from three sides (Russia, Belarus and Crimea), was to cut off all possible escape routes for him. Apparently, when Zelensky met with Western leaders in Munich, they told him not to go back to Kyiv (CNN). Well, damn.

Stay tuned.

2 responses to “The Characters That Made Up the American Revolutionary Forces”

    • I’m learning so much from this book (and how many parallels to Ukraine!). Yes, he Washington I am meeting in this book is absolutely unflinching and determined and never once contemplates defeat. Even after losing battles, defeat is simply not on the table. Onward!

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