The Dynamics (Of Being Filipino in America) — Post # 1

You appear as the merest glimpse in a story written by others.

The writer James Hamilton-Paterson used to live in the Philippines. He wrote about the experience in his book Playing With Water. A writer for the Boston Review said that “he eked out a living on a remote Southeast Asian island” and “still has a bamboo hut” there.

Best-selling author continues to live in a bamboo hut.  LOL.

In recent years, however, self has been reading about Hamilton-Paterson (she almost hates him for having such a long name, hyphenated)  in Italy.  So perhaps he’s moved on.

The question is, once you’ve lived for a number of years in a bamboo hut on a remote Southeast Asian island, can you ever really move on? Maybe you can, physically. But, in your heart?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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