More Good Things (Continuing Yesterday’s List)

Good Thing # 4

Karina Bolasco is sending 10 copies of self’s new book to Dearest Mum’s house.  (Self forgot to tell Dearest Mum she has a book coming out.  Oh well!  Guess she’ll find out when she opens the package from Karina!)  Yay!  Self can hardly wait to get a copy into her hot li’l hands!  It’ll be sold at the Manila International Book Festival, too!

Good Thing # 5

The U.S. Open is happening.  And there’s a cute little 17-year-old, Melanie Oudin, who’s been a real slayer on the women’s circuit this year.

Good Thing # 6

Self had enough money left in her checking account to pay her American Express bill in full (and this was the statement that included the new washing machine and dryer from Best Buy!!!)  Yay, pats on the back, self! You were so smart to save all that money you made from teaching last year!

Good Thing # 7

Self is mailing out two stories.  So, yet another chance to converse with some of her favorite pinays, the clerks at the downtown RWC post office, hoo-ray!

Good Thing # 8

Self is back in touch with fellow Stanford East Asian Studies classmate Bruce Shenitz.  And he still has a full head of hair!  So then self doesn’t have to be depressed when she looks at his pictures on Facebook!

Good Thing # 9

Self’s reading at the Writer’s Center (Bethesda, MD) is happening in February.  On February 19, to be exact.  Hubby can’t go with her for he hates the cold, boo.

Good Thing # 10

Self is going to be in the City tomorrow, watching the staged reading of Luis Francia’s play, “The Strange Case of Citizen de la Cruz”, at 2 p.m. at the Koret Auditorium of the San Francisco Main Library. This is very exciting: self is going to take the BART, for only the fourth time in her entire life.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “More Good Things (Continuing Yesterday’s List)

  1. Hey Marianne, Ooh! 2 things! (1) When is your book coming out? Before your PAWA November reading, by any chance? and (2) Interested in writing a quickie review of Luis’ play for the PAWA blog? Let me know! Congrats and thanks!


  2. Hi, Barb,

    Well, for sure I can write a review of Luis’ play for PAWA blog! But it’ll be short, more like a response than an analysis, is that OK?

    And, thanks for asking about my book! It’s being launched by Anvil at the Manila Int’l Book Festival (Sept. 16-20!). I don’t have any copies here, but will bring some back with me when I go home in December, for sure!


  3. Hey Marianne, great! Yes, response is totally good. Thank you so much!

    Now, as for your books, how can we get them to SF for your 11/09 event? Let me check with Marie. I’m assuming it’s Anvil, since you mentioned Karina Bolasco.


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