Oscar Trivia

Self has just learned, from watching ABC 7 News, that Mayor of San Carlos (self’s next favorite city, after dear old RWC), is heading to the Oscar Awards.

Yes, the place where self spends so much time hanging out in restaurants (Santorini, Chocolate Mousse, Laurel Street Café) and stores (Claire de Lune, The Chef Shop) and borrowing movies (Blockbuster) has the great distinction of having a mayor, Hon. Brad Lewis, who is listed as the producer of “Ratatouille,” one of self’s favorite movies of 2007.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Go, “Ratatouille!” Go, Brad Lewis! Go, San Carlos!

In other news:

    Self has learned that, even though she successfully held down her coughs with Chloraseptic lozenges and gulps of mineral water during Shorenstein Journalism Panel Discussion, there is no disguising the fact that she is sick. The moment panel ended, the woman sitting next to self turned to her and said, not without sympathy: “You have a bad cold!”
    Self’s determination to garden, even in the cold and wet, is such that she pounded five fertilizer spikes around orange tree just now (coughing voluminously into moist air)

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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