Self’s Over-Ambitious Plans for the Day

Today, self delivered both beagles for long-overdue grooming. If you could see the little hairballs that have been wafting here and there across the living room for the past week, you would be forgiven for hightailing it as fast as possible out of the vicinity, dear blog reader. Both critters were quite anxious to be taken for a walk and were yipping when self took out the leashes. Unfortunately, after perhaps one minute, we were at the car. Gracie bounded in with her usual panaché, but poor Bella kept getting stuck (Watching Bella’s fat, waddling behind and her altogether unsuccessful attempts to get into the car, self was reminded of what Vet had said during Bella’s last physical: that if Bella weren’t so overweight, she would indeed be able to bound up the stairs and would be able to take longer walks without difficulty).

Anyhoo, after bundling both critters off to the groomer, self had to have her long, months-overdue manicure and pedicure with Mely. The last time self had had her nails done was four months ago, as she didn’t think anyone would care what she looked like during the summer, or while at VCCA. Think again, self! Writers at VCCA turned out to be very well-groomed, with great, fit bods and elegant manicures. Self’s bitten nails and ragged cuticles were frightful, and she resorted to curling her fingers into fists when with company.

Anyhoo, no sooner was manicure/pedicure done than we received unexpected visit from one of hubby’s Ateneo classmates, who came with their two adorable children after weekend spent in Santa Cruz. House was an absolutely frightful mess, dishes were piled high in the kitchen sink, clothes self was sorting for laundry were scattered across bathroom floor, and hubby declared with much rolling of the eyes that the acetone smell from self’s manicure was going to poison him. And this was possibly the one and only time self has ever seen hubby opening a window. In fact, he opened two. Which was quite a momentous occasion.

And then, hubby had sudden spurt of energy (Where was this reserve of energy during the last two days, self wondered? Yesterday she had to watch movie by herself as hubby claimed he was “too tired”) and invited all to dimsum.

And everyone had to climb into van, over two car seats. And yet self couldn’t make herself fit, as aside from the car seats (Luckily, hubby got to sit in the front, next to driver) there were a whole lot of diapers and baby toys in the back, and suddenly someone stepped on her newly manicured toes, and self backed out of the van and declared she suddenly remembered that she still hadn’t prepared her lesson plans for tomorrow and students were already e-mailing her to ask for the homework (which is actually the truth, stupendous as that may seem).

So, self got to stay behind, and had left-overs for lunch, and then decided to write a postcard to Marianne L, Austrian artist from VCCA, and as she did so she discovered that the manicure on her left hand was ruined, nail polish all smushed, and since manicure was by no means cheap, self felt utterly in despair. She almost called manicurista back, but given her luck the visitors and the manicurista would probably arrive simultaneously, and the two cute little kids would, self feels sure, step on her toes again.

Anyhoo, perhaps it would be better for self to get off her butt and tidy up a little, before visitors return. Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


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