Oh loyal blog readers, I was all set to post when hubby tripped on line to Speedstream 3560, and nearly burned the cord over floor heater.


Quick as a wink, was able to retrieve cord before it melted into pilot flame. What quick instincts I do have when it comes to rescuing my ability to post!

Rome the show just ended. Last shot: extreme close-up of pot of poisoned savory stew being borne by Althea the serving woman to Atia @@##!! Stew liberally laced with blue stuff from a bottle by servant Duro, whose name I take it means HARD. (Name very appropriate since this boy in last episode was shown “making” it with men, women, you name it.) A few minutes earlier, said Duro was seen in house of bitch-goddess Servilia, demanding money and uttering Rome characters’ most overused line: “Kiss me” — ! Servilia at first regally contemptuous of this puppy, but eventually is forced to submit!

Can’t wait to see what happens next episode, as in preview of next week’s show saw a woman in brown tunic sprawled on floor and wondered if this was Atia. However, could also be Althea, who might have decided to take a surreptitious taste of poison-laden stew before taking it to her mistress.

Hubby missed first 15 minutes of episode because he was doing I-don’t-know-what on his laptop in bedroom. When he came out, he asked, “What did I miss?”

“Only one castration, one smoking of hemp from Macedonia, one sexual act (consensual) between pretty-boy servant Duro and Atia’s Chief of Household, and two (quite heinous) physical assaults (one of which was prefaced by man being held upside down over a privy).”

Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo in midst of terrific fight when hubby emerged. “Yes, I fucked Niobe!” Titus was heard to yell, before both pitched out of a window and landed among a crowd of people.

Cut to Atia’s house. A visitor appears, a new member of the cast, fresh-faced young boy.

“Hello! Who is THIS?” I exclaim.

Boy is entranced by sight of Octavian’s sister, who I learn is named OCTAVIA, playing a harp.

“He’ll be offed next,” hubby predicts. “Anyone who gets involved with HER (meaning Octavia) dies.”

If you recall, loyal blog reader, Octavia is a widow; something terrible happened to her husband during first season, seem to recall some passing reference to involvement of Atia!

Atia appears, and there follows this dialogue:

ATIA (to Octavia): Who is this?

OCTAVIA: Mother, this is Octavian’s friend, Marcus Agrippa.

Atia orders him to clear out. Then calls a servant.

ATIA (to servant): Tell Marc Antony that Marcus Agrippa is in the city.

OCTAVIA: Mother, no! Who knows what Marc Antony will do to him?

ATIA: Nothing very pleasant, I would think.


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