3rd Wednesday of May (2009): A Few Minutes Before Noon

Self seems to be writing something very Nicholson Baker-ish, something along the lines of his A Box of Matches:  what’s up with all the 8:47 a.m., blah blah blah specificity?

She spent all day yesterday and early this morning reading student exercises for her on-line class.  Amazing:  in a little over a day, she read 14 writing exercises and commented on them all.  Her brain is fried.

She’s thinking:  what is up with Dearest Mum?

At that precise moment, self hears a thonk from the porch:  the mail has come.

She’s been so good about getting her comments back to students, it’s amazing.  She feels driven, driven, driven.  By what?  To what?  If only there was a movie she could watch (“Star Trek” again?  Why not?  She saw “Princess Mononoke” five times!  Even then, she was out-done by son, who saw it six times!)

When are the MTV Movie Awards?  When will she stop getting notes from editors.  The latest one, only a few moments ago, said something about her piece being “exposition-heavy” and “interior.”  Feedback for which she supposes she should be grateful.  At least it wasn’t just one of these form rejections.  Actually, what does “exposition-heavy” mean, exactly?  Perhaps self will look it up on Wikipedia!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


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