New Chapter of Zombie Apocalypse Fave!

The latest chapter of an Everlark zombie apocalypse fan fic self has been following dropped today. Self went all STOP THE PRESSES!

The writer is so good.

Prim’s a zombie. Gale’s a zombie. The only reason Katniss isn’t a zombie is because Peeta saved her.

Katniss isn’t happy that Peeta saved her. She was quite willing to die.

“Giving up,” Katniss thinks, “is easier than giving in. That’s how it works when you’re trying to outrun something. It always finds you when you’re at your weakest.”

Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead, Sunday, 14 February 2016

Self has developed a taste for “The Walking Dead,” ever since she caught three seasons on a long airplane flight.

Last Sunday: excellence


First of all, the episode featured multiple story lines, all united around this single event: The zombies break through the walls of Sanctuary! It’s like that Jay Gould book about the Dodo where he writes: Isolation breeds extinction. Self truly believes that.

Back to “The Walking Dead”: Pods of people are stuck in their homes, watching as the zombies target home after home. The experience¬† — nail-biting AAARRGH!

Two families decide to make a run for it. Self is all in favor of this plan. They almost succeed (faking zombie-hood by rubbing zombie detritus all over their clothing) when a kid begins to have a meltdown. His mom pleads with him not to stop walking. But he’s gone. He’s gone unhinged. While the mother keeps a firm hold on the young boy’s hand, the first bite comes, then another. Self thought nothing could equal such dreadfulness. Until the mother, who’s in shock, who still won’t let go of her son’s hand, gets attacked, too. And that was dreadful to the nth power. She was beautiful, this woman. But that’s nothing compared to the depth of her courage.

But, to the zombies, she’s just another piece of meat. Next!

So now there’s only one member of that little family alive. And he hangs back out of confusion. Indecision = extinction. He gets taken down, too.

And then our hero, in utter anguish, keeps doggedly plowing on through a sea of zombies, holding his own son by the hand. And he makes it, he makes it! And then the son turns to face the father and — he’s a zombie. Or, at least, he’s lost his eyes somewhere.


Self just wanted to die.

If self had to watch while people she loved got bitten to death, she’d lose her mind. She would never be able to continue living. The people in “The Walking Dead” must be tough as nails. Because it’s been, what, seven or eight seasons now? And they are still able to live, make tough decisions, and want to live some more.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

The State of the Everlark Fan-dom

First of all, that was not cool, replacing J-Hutch with Theo James in the Ben Kingsley movie Backstabbing for Beginners, just when it was about to start filming (Was that a publicity stunt? Because that movie title is so, so — premonitory!)

Next, ever since Mockingjay Part 2 dropped last November, Hunger Games fan sites began shutting down one by one and there was a very dolorous feeling in the air.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, self got some kind of mighty wind because she started writing a new fan fic in December, her first in over a year, and it now stands at over 60,000 words. Wrote it in six weeks. Still going strong. Over 500 comments. That’s a lot of comments.

And there have been fabulous Everlark fan fics dropping every day. Like this one self is totally ga-ga over, which has Katniss and Peeta living in North Carolina when the Apocalypse happens. Everyone turns into a zombie (except them, of course. And Haymitch). Peeta is missing an entire leg and a wheelchair, and moreover there are no more pharmacies open to dispense his prescription painkillers, and all the druggies have made off with the world’s available supply of Oxycontin, and Peeta has to suffer the most acute withdrawal pangs while collapsed in the back of Haymitch’s car as they leave North Carolina and head for Atlanta (with self thinking — no, screaming — what the hell are you doing leaving North Carolina because that’s where Katniss is! How the heck is this going to end up Everlark if Peeta is in Atlanta and Katniss is in North Carolina?)

So fabulous, suspense galore.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


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