“Holmes, did you see that?”

“I saw that the man was hiding something, yes.”

“No — I mean his teeth. When he smiled? The Queen’s butler has fangs!”

Castle Shade, p. 107

Silent scream silent scream silent scream

Which One Is the Vampire?

This is a question self never imagined herself asking, never in the course of her very long reading life.

She asks it now because Queen Marie of Roumania is a very mysterious person.

There have been hints that it is she: she is the vampire.

Here are the facts: Whenever the Queen spends time in her summer home, Castle Bran, people die or go missing. Once, “a twelve-year-old scullery maid was preparing vegetables in the castle kitchen and sliced open her hand . . . the Queen was passing and heard the child cry out. She went to see what was wrong, seized a bowl to protect the child’s clothing, and started to bind the injury with a dishcloth.”

People who happened upon the scene saw this: “a young girl bleeding copiously into a crockery bowl . . . apparently half-filled with blood.”

As soon as the Queen left at the end of the summer, the series of occurrences ceased.

Further, whenever the Queen is expected, a man goes about the village, instructing the villagers that their dogs should be kept “inside or tied.” The Queen likes to go riding, and if a dog happens to frighten “her horse and makes her fall, that dog will be shot and the family will go to prison.”

Self is completely hooked on this combination vampire/Sherlock Holmes mystery!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Conversation of the Day: “The Vampire Diaries,” Season 3

“I feel like I’m going crazy. Everything’s making me paranoid.”

“You have a right to be. Klaus is still out there, trying to kill you.”

Elena (Interior monologue): Oh thank God. I thought for a minute there, I was going crazy.

Stay tuned.

Evil De Quincey (More From Cassandra Clare’s A CLOCKWORK ANGEL)

Self has not abandoned Mark Twain. Far from it. She had the book with her at breakfast this morning.

But sometimes it is good to alternate readings. For instance, in the section of Twain self is reading now, he talks about poetry.

So it makes perfect sense for self to read about Vampires.


So, Tessa and Will in the Den of Iniquity.

Will and his flashing knives.

Tessa in mortal danger.

The evil Vampire who was so attracted to Will’s throat makes a flying leap out of a window (Self never knew Vampires were capable of such Bourne maneuvers; she thought they merely vanished surreptitiously. Or flew. Or climbed down the sides of buildings, moving like bats. Self is always learning something new. Every day). Here is that scene:

De Quincey bared his teeth one last time and whirled with incredible speed. He raced across the room and flung himself into a high glass window. It shattered outward in an explosion of glass, carrying him forward as if his body were being carried on a wave, vanishing into the night.

Will swore. “We can’t lose him — ,” he began . . .

Oh no! That bloodsucker is going to have a bone to pick with Will, and eventually (perhaps in Book 2), he will re-appear and finally fulfill his desire to chomp on Will’s throat.


And here’s some very very useful information about how to kill a Vampire, courtesy of Will Herondale:

. . . you can’t kill a demon without a runed weapon or a seraph blade, guns aren’t much use to us. Vampires die if you shoot them through the heart, admittedly, and werewolves can be injured if you have a silver bullet, but if you miss the vitals, they’ll just come at you angrier than ever. Runed blades simply work better for our purposes.

Stay tuned.

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