These are Frustrating Times

. . .  if you happen to be a Palin-lover in California (like self’s students).

For one thing, she’s made herself scarce in this-here golden state (just like Bush II  —  in eight years he’s dropped by oh, let’s see, less times than the fingers on both hands?), her one-and-only campaign appearance being in Burlingame (Dearest Mum’s fave hang-out!)

Not to worry, however, for intrepid Halloween party-goers have just the ticket for all those craving a Palin-fix.  In today’s paper, The San Francisco Chronicle weighs in on this very issue:

Every five years or so, a Halloween costume idea comes along that’s so perfect that half the population seems to simultaneously dress up as the same thing.  If you were a woman and participated in Halloween 10 years ago, chances are 50-50 that you went as Monica Lewinsky.  Other trendy Halloween costumes from the past include Luke Skywalker (1978), Tammy Faye Bakker (1987) and Austin Powers (1997).

Based on several nonscientific indicators, the widespread presence of Palins this Friday night may eclipse them all.  There are three things needed to make the perfect trendy costume, and she has them all:

  1. Her position in the zeitgeist happens to be peaking right at Halloween.
  2. She’s a controversial figure, with a hint of sexy.
  3. The costume is easy to throw together at the last minute.

As usual, the Chronicle outdoes itself, showing how articles can be spun out of such fluff elements as “nonscientific indicators” and pronouncements of what is “sexy.”  Hey, maybe it’s time to dust off that red St. John suit that Dearest Mum bought for self (a Fab Find from the Great Mall) two decades ago!  A suit self rarely wears, for she has to be in a fairly energetic mood before she can traipse around in head-to-toe red!   Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

The Palin Effect

Dearest Mum’s plane is within sight of the San Francisco Bay, dear blog readers.  Perhaps, even now, Dearest Mum is awakening from her trans-Pacific slumber, carefully putting aside her red cashmere wrap and matching velour slippers, heart going pitty-pat at the thought of once more setting foot on American soil.  In the meantime, self is listening to “Larry King Live” and remembering a conversation she overheard this morning in the classroom.

Self is not supposed to talk politics in the classroom.  Because you know, in a class of 25, there are bound to be people who feel strongly about one side or the other, and self wouldn’t want to offend anyone with her remarks.  So, when it comes to the elections, self has kept completely mum about her voting preference.

During a break in her Tuesday morning class, however, self overheard a student mention Palin.  “Oh, I love her!” this young woman said.  Self wasn’t sure she heard right.  She looked up, located the young woman and asked, casually, “You saw her on Saturday Night Live?”

“Oh, no, we missed it!” several female voices chimed in, filled with chagrin.

“I heard she was good there,” self said (inwardly grinding her teeth, ha ha ha ha)

“Oh, yeah!” a guy said.  “I saw parts of it.”

“And I know a lot of guys who say she’s hot,” self said, still trying to “go with the flow.”

“Oh yeah, yeah, she’s hot,” said the guys.

Aaargh, aaaargh, aaarrrgh, aaaaargh, aaaaaargh  !!!!!

Is self dreaming?  If she is, she must be having a nightmare!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

The Economist on Sarah Palin: What Is an “American Redneck”?

from The Economist of 13 September 2008:

“A backwoods, polar-bear-strangling Britney Spears manqué”; “Vice-President Barbie”: British newspaper columnists have sneered at Sarah Palin at least as energetically as some East-Coast Americans. Typically, however, there has also been an equal and opposite reaction to her appearance on John McCain’s ticket: we want one! This enthusiasm has generally been motivated by the sexy-librarian look and the Alaskan gothic back-story. But there are also sensible reasons for Britain’s political classes to pay heed to Mrs. Palin. She seems able to speak in the demotic lexicon of cross rednecks and others disenchanted with mainstream American politics.

The article then goes on to explain why there are no rednecks in Britain:

  • In Britain, “large fauna are not routinely slaughtered for fun.”
  • The British “cling to pubs and satellite-television dishes rather than Bibles and hunting rifles.”
  • Few British people “race tractors or follow NASCAR.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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