Second Tuesday of 2021: The Relentless Moon

Switched off the news. Self has had enough of the crazy for one day: Idiots in airports ganging up on a Democrat, crazy woman shrieking at Chuck Schumer and interrupting his speech just as he was about to get to the good parts (“My first amendment rights!” Listen, Lady, if all you’re going to do is scream xx@@## at the top of your voice, it’s self’s first amendment rights you are violating!), and the most delightful moment of her week: POTUS looking fresh as a daisy, saying Nah Nah Nah to a reporter who asks him about his second impeachment.

Anyhoo, back to The Relentless Moon, which is exciting as all get-out. An intrepid band of astronauts and Moon colonists have had to make a crash-landing, and one of the lady astronauts, whose husband is a pilot, has to watch as the colonists are helped off the ship to the surface of the moon (a drop equal to the height of a five-story building, but it’s in 1/6 gravity), and her husband takes over the controls (The main pilot broke her arm in the crash landing) to make sure he keeps the ship upright so everyone is safe. After, he —

Half of the ship is in 173-degree Celsius heat, the other is in deep shadow and cold. They all stand and watch as —

“White plumes kicked out.” The pilot on the ship fired its thrusters, “sharp, quick bursts fired in sequence.”

Just read the book. Holy cow. Self is dead.

wsj, Monday 9 November 2020

RE: Criminal Justice

Self ardently wishes for appointment of a good Attorney General; Bill Barr was simply awful.

RE: Refugees and Asylum

President-elect Biden has committed to taking in 125,000 refugees a year and changing the asylum process. He would reverse the Trump Administration’s determinations that domestic violence and gang persecution aren’t valid reasons for seeking asylum in the US.


Trump attorneys challenged Nevada’s Six Electoral Votes, claiming 3,062 ballots were by people claiming to live in Nevada who had actually moved to another state. According to the wsj, “a few hundred of the 3,062 appear to be connected with the military … ” Biden led Trump in Nevada by “roughly 31,000 votes.”

A Corona Journal: October 2020

1 October 2020

  • The tweet informing America that the President has covid went out at 1 a.m., Eastern Time. He went on the debate with Biden and might have had it then. I imagine he doesn’t look very good. His droplets flew back and forth, across the stage, for 90 minutes. His boorish children sat at the first row and removed their masks (against the rules of the organizers). I did not know whether to be happy, sad, or angry, On the one hand it was nice to imagine all the Trumps turned into zombies, But the rest of us –?

8 October 2020

  • Trying to create a sense of disgust towards food so that I will stop eating for comfort and lose weight. Hopeful that I can again make public appearances — how awful if no one recognized me because I turned into Jabba the Hut! I try the most disgusting recipes: how to cook Ball Park Franks in your crockpot. No water required! Just drop in the dogs! Set on high! The franks will cook in their own juices! In one hour, the dogs will begin to brown wherever they touch the sides of the pot! Holy cow, I think. Holy cow!

22 October 2020

  • A beautiful day. Beautiful. I am taking the opportunity to write before the debate begins. I did not watch the first because I do not need to hear or see a second more of the Malignancy. Today, in preparation, I’m on CNN. Mark Meadows, WH Chief of Staff, is talking to Wolf Blitzer: “When you test more, you’re going to get more cases. I do believe we’re rounding the corner.” That again? Wasn’t that the line three months ago? Is he running out of talking points? The Malignancy has never, not once, urged the American public to wear a mask.

Lens Artists Challenge # 118: Communication

The Lens Artists Challenge this year comes from Horse Addict. She tells a lovely story about a horse, you can read all about it here.

Voting is a form of communication. As of this morning, 3.5 million Californians, a record, have already cast their ballots, according to KPIX5 News.

A smile is a form of communication.

Siblings have a special form of communication.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

wsj, Wednesday 7 October 2020

Yes, self knows it is already Friday, but her mind is slow as slow these days. She regards this as a public service post, so readers will know our situation is extremely dire. In the meantime, Cadet Bonespurs keeps tweeting like there’s no tomorrow.

p. A6:


Joint Chiefs isolate after meeting with admiral who later got a positive test

by Nancy A. Youssef and Gordon Lubold

Washington — Several of the nation’s top uniformed military officers went into quarantine Monday night after attending meetings at the Pentagon with a Coast Guard admiral who tested positive this week for Covid-19.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, a body that consists of the top commanders from each of the armed services, held meetings that included Coast Guard Adm. Charles Ray, the vice commander, who then tested positive on Monday after exhibiting symptoms over the weekend, the Coast Guard said. Adm. Ray has since been quarantined at home.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

Rulings, 2020

1 March 2020: In a 55-page ruling, a Federal Judge declared that Ken Cuccinelli had been operating “unlawfully” as Director of Immigration.

14 August 2020: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Sacramento lifted California’s ban on high-capacity magazines for firearms.

17 September 2020: A Federal judge in Washington State ruled that President Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy are “involved in a politically motivated attack” on the agency that could disrupt the 2020 election.

25 September 2020: A Montana judge ruled that William Perry Pendley, a climate change denier and Trump appointee, be removed from his position as Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management.

29 September 2020: A San Diego judge ruled that the last two Directors of Homeland Security were appointed “unlawfully.” Kevin McAleenan, Kirstjen Nielsen’s replacement in April 2019, and Chad Wolf, Acting Director of Homeland Security, were both “promoted out of order.” McAleenan, Nielsen’s replacement, was seventh in line of seniority within the agency.

The Economist, 26 September 2020

Quote of the Day: Beast Inside, The Daily Beast Friday Digest


At some point in the next few days, the U.S. will pass that horrific milestone: 200,000 dead from COVID-19. Michael Tomasky has a terrific column on this terrible moment in which he recalls how he gasped last weekend when he saw that Taiwan had just reported its seventh death—that’s seven total since the start of the pandemic. He got out his calculator and figured out how many Americans would have died if the U.S. death rate was as low as Taiwan’s, or as low as a bunch of other countries that President Trump would probably describe as shitholes. The numbers, Tomasky notes, give lie to what may be Trump’s biggest whopper: “Nothing more could have been done.” He writes: “In a democracy worthy of the name, Trump would be impeached simply for speaking those words.”

— Tracy Connor, Executive Editor, The Daily Beast

On the Ground in North Carolina: NPR News Report, 11 Sept 2020

  • “Saying he did more for blacks than any President since Abraham Lincoln is the biggest lie he ever told . . . Mark my words, we’re gonna turn the mother out in North Carolina.” — Rep. Alma Adams, representing the 12th District of North Carolina
  • “People here just love the way he (Trump) is able to speak directly about the issues . . . without anger,” — young man near Raleigh, North Carolina. “He really cares. He’s been here three times in the past few weeks. We haven’t seen Biden in at least six months.”

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

Anthony Huber, 26, Skateboarder

Grew up in Kenosha, attended Lincoln Middle School.

“He loved skateboarding.” — Tim Kramer, ex-classmate

Became one of two men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Self is reading an article in the September 5 – 6 issue of wsj. The article, by Chris Kornelis, is about Tony Hawke, skateboarding icon (picture below, she cropped the wsj photo)

In the first reports of the Kenosha shooting, self read that Huber tried to hit Rittenhouse with his skateboard, but was otherwise unarmed. This detail is what fixed the image of Anthony Huber in her mind.

Last year (Self’s doing a lot of sighing over LAST YEAR), self watched an adaptation of Andrea Levy’s Small Island in London’s National Theatre with son, daughter-in-law, and Amy Toland of Miami University Press. After, as the four of us walked towards the Waterloo underground, we passed a skateboarding ramp. It was just before midnight. The skateboarders were out in force. After seeing a play, there is something so mysterious and gripping about the sound of people going up and down a skateboarding ramp — up, down. Up, down. Over and over. The skateboarders’ own private, wordless mantra.

Self remembers finding the sounds almost hypnotic — as expressive, in their own way, as the words she had just been listening to for three hours (It was a long play, she loved every moment)

So there were the four of us, walking. And self remembers being very, very happy in that moment. London is such a great city: who puts a skateboarding ramp next to the National Theatre? Londoners, that’s who!

So she is particularly saddened by the fact that Anthony Huber was a skateboarder. There was no reason for Anthony Huber to go toward the danger of Kyle Rittenhouse. Only something instinctive, maybe a skateboarder’s instinct.

Never forget.

Tony Hawk, 52, Skateboarding Icon (from wsj, Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 5-6, 2020)

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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