Last Friday of June 2013

John Travolta is the guest tonight on Letterman.  Self ponders the Travolta visage.  It is not, she decides, too bad.  That is, the face is still recognizable as John Travolta’s.  He may have had plastic surgery, but it is discreet.  He is charming, even relaxed.  He and de Niro have made a summer movie which self has heard NOTHING — nada —  about.  They show a clip, and it’s very Bourne, that scene where Clive Owen as the assassin told to off Bourne is hiding in a field, and Matt Damon rouses a flock of birds and does an end run and shoots Clive Owen.  In the scene self watches tonight on Letterman, Travolta plays a Serbian and perhaps because or perhaps in spite of the fact that he is Serbian, Travolta is equipped with a very swarthy beard, and tries to kill de Niro with an arrow.  An arrow.

Self has reached, after much travail, p. 283 of Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser.  Carrie is as per usual.  Passive and accommodating.  Hurstwood, the bigamous businessman/husband, is slowly losing his mind.  He used to be rich before he fell in love with Carrie and ran away with her to New York City.  He used to know people.  He used to be a man of consequence.  Now all he can manage is a four-room apartment on 13th Street, just off Sixth Avenue.  He thought anonymity would save him, but it’s a curse.

Here is a picture of p. 283.  Self provides it here because someone has written, in pencil, a number (37,348) at the bottom of the page.  “Look!” self said, showing her book to The Man.  “Someone wrote the word count here, at the bottom of the page.”  The Man looked.  Yawned.  “How’d you know that’s the word count?” he opined.  “What else would it be, on p. 283?” self responded.

Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser:  the first book on her reading list for Summer 2013

The Mysterious Number:  37,348, found on p. 283 of Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser: the first book on self’s summer 2013 reading list

The musical guest on Letterman is a duo called Japandroids.  And they are playing rock.  Like, really hard rock.  Wow.  Suddenly, everything old is new again.  Has self really lived that long?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Letterman Last Night (Friday, 21 December 2012)

Naomi Watts was the guest on Letterman last night.  The musical number was by Darlene Love.  When Love began belting it out, self almost felt like getting up and daaancing!

It was so very nice to see Naomi Watts.  Self loves her.  Looooves her.  She loved her in King Kong, and she loved her in The Painted Veil.  She also loved her in The Ring, even though self kept her eyes closed for about a third of that movie.

So, Watts was on Letterman last night, and she looked grreat.  Her hair was long and straight (like it usually is), her skin looked fantastic, and she was wearing the greatest shoes!  Granted, most of the time the camera didn’t show her shoes.  But when she was walking to her seat, she did have the cutest shoes.

Her gold cuff bracelet were pretty fab, too.

This morning, self left a message with son.  He and Jennie are driving to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to spend Christmas with Jennie’s family.  When son called back, he said that they were already in Phoenix.  “Be careful!” self kept repeating.  “Be careful, so many loonies out there!”  She was thinking of Newtown.  She’s pretty anxious right now.  Eeek!  The Man even had a (rare) nightmare last night.  Self had to turn on the light.  He was so agitated.

Then she asked son which movies he’d want to see when he comes up, 2nd of January.  “Did you want to see Guilt Trip?” she asked hopefully.  “No,” son said.  He sounded most definite.  He said he and Jennie had already decided they would see Les Miserables together, on Christmas Day.  And they’d already seen Silver Linings Playbook.

“Didn’t you just love it?” self burst out.  “That Jennifer Lawrence is such a cutie pie!  She got nominated for a Golden Globe!”

“Yes,” son enthused.  “And so did the movie!”

Awww, it was just the cutest film.  Self will root for it come Oscar time.

Jennifer Lawrence and Naomi Watts are self’s two most favorite actresses (Except she doesn’t like Jennifer in Hunger Games.  Jennifer should, in self’s humble opinion, just leave those action roles behind.  Drama and/or comedy are really her forte).

And self also likes Keira Knightley.  She wants to see Anna Karenina (only it is sad and will probably make her cry).

Others whose movies never (or almost never) misses:  Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Beckinsale, Emily Blunt.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

More Irrelevant Thoughts

There was only one possible way for “Lost” the series to end, Letterman said.  And that was with someone tapping Matthew Fox on the shoulder and saying, “Sir, we’ve arrived.  Wake up.”  But–  the producers found another way!  Which actually made sense!  Self confesses that she never had the patience to sit through a whole episode (except, she liked the fact that a lot of nerd-y looking guys had parts on the show:  the guys who were not Sawyer or the doctor or the Indian hunk or the Korean hunk), but last night she watched intermittently and hubby watched till the end and then self found the ending rather sad.

“MacGruber” is not a bad movie, dear blog readers.  At least, it kept self chuckling (And Ryan Philippe:  who knew he had the makings of such a stellar straight man?  And when did Val Kilmer get so faaat?)

Self has the best house-cleaner in the world.  And his name is Mauricio.  Yes, you guessed right:  he was here again today.

Son is planning a fab four-night vacation in Las  Vegas with seven or eight other friends.  They are staying at Caesar’s.  On some other parents’ dime.  How self Read the rest of this entry »

The New “Robin Hood” : A Series of Highly Irrelevant Thoughts

Of course hubby and self saw “Robin Hood” this weekend. Of course. Not only is “Gladiator” on hubby’s list of Ten Best Movies of all Time, two other Riddley Scott movies are on it: “Alien” and “Blade Runner.” Here are self’s thoughts:

  1. It might have been better to call this movie Read the rest of this entry »

Good Mornin’ Sunshine!

No, scratch that.  Make that:  Good Mooorning, Rain!  Because it’s pouring right now.  Pouring!

See?  Self knew there was a reason she’s still in her pajamas at 2:48 in the afternoon!

Self just got off the phone with hubby, who gave her a most dolorous account of his career.  Then finished up by saying he was going to halve son’s allowance.  And asked if self could just pull herself together and deliver the bad news to son.  Which had self going “Ahem, er, we’ll see, uh —  Okey dokey!  G’bah!”

Self scanned the list of 2010 Guggenheim recipients (posted a few days ago; naturally, self is *not* on it —  BWAH HA HA!!!) and there actually is someone there who self met once:  Monique Truong.  She was the judge of a Hyphen short story contest a few years ago, and self has been teaching her novel in her Asian American lit classes.  Congratulations, Monique!

Let’s see, what else is blog-worthy?  Oh, self had such a fuuun time in the City on Saturday, first at the Growing Up Filipino II reading at the I-Hotel (Niece G and her friend Peter were able to make it, happy happy joy joy!), and then walking around Chinatown afterwards.  It did not rain.  Not one tiny little drop.  How wonderful.  Then niece rode back with self to Redwood City (which was a very welcome distraction from the knocking sound under her engine hood), and self introduced her to local staple Yumi Yogurt.  We each had small cups of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter frozen yogurt.  (Next, self is determined to try Red Mango, which opened in San Carlos a couple of months ago.)

And tonight is Episode 6 of “Justified” !!!  (Oh, please, F/X powers-that-be, please let this show go on, for at least another season.  Because Timothy Olyphant looks just so spec-TA-cular in a white Stetson and cowboy boots!)

Finally, here is self, scanning the Wall Street Journal of last Monday (the 12th).  And, bottom of page 1 has a very interesting article about a Chinese American scientist turned stand-up comedian, named Joe Wong.  Apparently, Mr. Wong made an appearance on Letterman and just killed.  So, China Central Television, the biggest TV network in China, “deemed his success in the U.S. curious enough that it dedicated a special program to him in December.  The peg:  He’s the Chinese scientist who makes Americans laugh.  While CCTV declared that Mr. Wong’s success proves ‘humor has no boundaries,’ it concluded the program without showing any of his jokes.”

So, next, the Journal talks to Mr. Wong directly.  Apparently, Mr. Wong had  a live gig in Beijing, in late 2008, and that was just brutal.  In America, Mr. Wong said, “it’s funny to poke fun at yourself.  But in China, there’s no humor in misfortune.”  Mr. Wong “recalls looking out on the blank faces of a “polite but serious” crowd.

Yiiiikes!  You can never go home again, honey.  Never, never, never.

Stay tuned.

Thoughts on Biehl, “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,” and Oates’ MISSING MOM

Last night’s guests on Letterman were Jessica Biehl and Christoph Walz. Too bad self had to endure that lame interview with Biehl (She’s lost a ton of weight, looks pale and somewhat sickly) before getting to Walz. The laugh was the only thing about her that called up her previous hot-ness. Also, she was wearing a weird jumpsuit get-up with a diamond pattern, which made her look somewhat like a court jester. (In comparison, Brooklyn Decker, the previous night’s guest, was totally hilarious!)

But Walz was so dry-ly funny and effortlessly self-deprecating. Also, he was wearing a most fab shiny purple shirt underneath a gray suit. And is veeery debonair-looking in person. Also, loved his story about how his young son playfully decorates his Dad’s trophies by putting stuff on them, like for example bandages. Walz will probably get the Oscar.

“The Top Ten List” was delivered by the cast of tonight’s “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” Last night, she recognized Tom the Fireman (still cute), Stephenie (one of her faves: she was channeling the Grecian look last night), and Parvati, one of the people self used to love to hate: Last night she looked very cute, with her hair dyed jet-black and her grey Ugg boots.

Let’s see, what did self do today? The weather was gorgeous! She went to the Redwood City Library and borrowed two short story collections by Haruki Murakami: The Elephant Vanishes and After the Quake. She walked the li’l crits, and a woman with two beautiful collies remarked, as self passed, “Looks like your dogs have been around a while.” !!@@##

She continued reading Joyce Carol Oates’ Missing Mom, which she began a few days ago, right after finishing Henning Mankell’s Before the Frost (Self would have given it A-, except the last couple of pages were a little didactic). The last thing of Joyce Carol Oates’ that self read was Faithless: Tales of Transgression. That collection contained an unforgettable story about a young waitress filled with so much self-loathing that she lets men treat her like a worthless piece of trash and ignores the one customer who treats her like a lady. Even now, so many years later, self can still feel the rawness of that waitress’ emotions. She admits she didn’t have high expectations for Missing Mom, but — Holy Cow! She has torn through it like a bat out of hell, it is that engrossing. She stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning, reading about 100 or so pages, and finally had to force herself to stop and turn off the light.

Now, she’s putting off reading, for she only has 20 or so pages more to go.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

“Scandal of the Year”: Buzzsugar Says Letterman

Self most strenuously disagrees.

For one thing, self finds it so heartwarming to think of someone as geeky-looking as Letterman having sex.

While the revelations about Tiger’s multiple infidelities are just —  sad.  Sad or funny, depending on how funny you find the image of Tiger trying to escape from his wife in such a hurry that he didn’t even bother putting on his shoes before jumping into his SUV, which explains why he hit the fire hydrant but doesn’t explain why, when the first by-stander on the scene (a neighbor) happened along, Tiger was snoring (apparently from Ambien?)

Next scandal of the Year: Why Tom Wisdom’s orgy scene in “Pirate Radio” was cut from the American version, but they keep showing it and showing it in all the previews. So there he is, looking so fetching in leather pants, and saying “Busy day,” and self had to sit through the whole movie and there was not even a Read the rest of this entry »


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