KulArts is seeking Filipino family photos (1980 or earlier) for possible inclusion in the Kodakan Exhibition at the San Francisco Public Library, October 2013.

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San Francisco Chronicle Writes About “Filipino Food’s New Wave”

Self had an excellent reason for missing the Pistahan Festival at Yerba Buena:  she was visiting son in San Luis Obispo!   Here’s what she missed:

KULARTS: 25th Anniversary Fall 2010 Season!

ANNOUNCING KULARTS 25th Anniversary Fall Season!

KulArts celebrates its 25th year through comedy, theater, dance, visual arts, workshops and more in another jam-packed season!

Kulayan Art Exhibit, Pistahan Arts Pavilion
Aug. 14- 15
Yerba Buena Gardens

HOI! Fire in the Hole! A long form improv comedy show with
Rene Gube and Eugene Cordero
Friday, Aug. 20, 8 pm
Saturday, Aug. 21, 8 pm
Bayanihan Community Center
1010 Mission Street, San Francisco
$15 General, $13 Advance, $12 Student/Senior Read the rest of this entry »

Anticipation: Fall

Here are the things self has to look forward to in the Fall:

Her reading this Saturday with Justin Chin and Sara Gambito, Bayanihan Cultural Center, 1010 Mission St. @ 6th, 2 p.m. Niece G says she will go and bring some friends (FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC).  YAAAAYYY!!!

Merlinda Bobis’ book launch for The Solemn Lantern Maker (Random House), the following Saturday, Nov. 14, 3 p.m., Bayanihan Cultural Center, 1010 Mission St. @ 6th (FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

Her writing group meeting on the 22nd.

Son coming home for Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, self is also looking forward to the following Fall movies:

  • Avatar
  • New Moon
  • 2012
  • Sherlock Holmes

And then, this is really exciting:  National Geographic is moving into the arena of scripted dramas.  Self loves watching the NatGeo channel, their imbedded reporters do a great job reporting from the field in Afghanistand and Iraq.  They distribute a Palestinian American drama, “Amreeka,” and now they’ve teamed with director Peter Weir (“Witness,” “Master and Commander”) to produce “The Way Back,” which the San Francisco Chronicle Datebook describes as being “about Siberian exiles.”

I didn’t know until now that National Geographic Entertainment teamed with Warner Independent to produce the 2006 hit documentary “March of the Penguins!”

Very much looking forward to the films National Geographic Entertainment will be releasing.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

A Kundiman Book Sale, a KulArts Fall Season

First, the book sale (Self is quoting from the website of Achiote Press, which published the poetry chapbook):

Kundiman is an organization dedicated to creating “a nurturing space for Asian American poets.”  For the past few years, they have conducted an annual summer workshop at the University of Virginia, a workshop whose goal is to provide “a safe yet rigorous space where Asian American poets can explore, through art, the unique challenges that face the new and ever-expanding diaspora.”

Because the arts in general, and, it follows, organizations like Kundiman, survive on hope as much as financial resources, it’s been severely affected by America’s economic downturn. As part of their fundraising, Kundiman has Read the rest of this entry »

Long Overdue: Self Hearts KulArts!

For supporting self’s budding theatre hopes, for putting on her staged reading of “Menchit” and believing, Alleluia and everyone at KulArts have earned self’s undying gratitude.  Self would have trumpeted their greatness earlier, if she hadn’t been so swamped with the classes.  But now it’s time.  And today is the day of the annual

2008 Parol Lantern Festival & Parade
Saturday, December 13, 2008, 5-8PM
Parade starts at Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th St)
Ends in Jessie Square for Grand Finale and Tala Awards!

*   *   *   *

One of self’s biggest regrets of the year is that she missed Anthem Salgado in Kobo Abe’s play at Brava.  But she was just too overburdened.  Five classes, Anthem!  Otherwise, self would have been there! She promises to catch you next time!

But it’s not too late to catch

MOCFA: The Shape of Things, Paper Traditions and Transformations

11/14 /08 – 2/15/09

The Shape of Things: Paper Traditions and Transformations explores the history of cut, folded, and molded paper, alongside contemporary artists who introduce fresh perspectives on those traditional forms.

From the unique to ubiquitous, the exhibition examines paper traditions from Asia, specifically from China, Japan, the Philippines, and Korea, and includes papercuts, origami, katagami, paper lanterns, papier-mâché, and paper boxes. Juxtaposing the work with that of contemporary artists demonstrates how traditional arts, folk art, contemporary craft, and fine art are all part of the same continuum.

Come support Gene Apellido, whose beautifully crafted parol lanterns will be on display!

A Story

Listen, self wrote a play.

One evening, in the middle of watching some reality show on TV, she suddenly felt the urge to write something down. Tap-tap-tap went the keyboard keys, and out came two pages, which self in great excitement bore to hubby, demanding that he interrupt his evening’s entertainment and read.

And he did read, and lo and behold, he did not understand. He scratched his head. He asked self, “What is this?”

Self knew in her heart of hearts that she had written something significant.

A few months later, Alleluia Panis of KulArts sent out a kind of “feeler” e-mail: KulArts (so went the e-mail, as far as self can remember) would welcome taking a look at any new work, in any theatrical form. Self, knowing full well that her forte (at least for the last two decades) has been short story writing, nevertheless e-mailed Alleluia: I WROTE A PLAY.

And lo and behold, Alleluia did not sit down and burst out laughing. Out of the goodness of her heart, she did not go: You? A playwright? What next?

No, Alleluia did not laugh. Instead, she invited self to dinner. And self bore the fragile pages of her new baby (for that is what each new work feels like to self: a new baby. Son has sooo many siblings! Of the literary variety) to the restaurant. And Alleluia read the pages right there. And, and —

Suffice it to say that the play went through many tortuous twists and turns (for self hardly even knows what a scene is, dear blog readers), but the important thing is: ALLELUIA HAD FAITH. And because of this faith, she agreed to give self’s little infant a staged reading. And lo and behold, plays began to appear magically from hither and thither, plays by young people (like Josef Anolin) and plays from seasoned professionals even (like Allan Manalo), neither of whom — bless their hearts — neither of whom turned up their noses at appearing next to neophyte playwright self in a programme.

And self’s heart goes out to the generosity of all involved: actresses (self’s play alone has three from the same family: the Almarios, mother and two daughters), directors (Alfredo Santos and Allan Manalo), Alleluia, and Josef, particularly Josef, for on his own he found the actors and actresses to read self’s play. Self knew no one, NO ONE. So Josef saved her.

And during rehearsals last Sunday, self suddenly had a twinge. So this is how a play takes shape! She sat there quietly, but all the while the actors and actresses were reading, she was thinking. And now she thinks that something beautiful will happen this Sunday, at the Bayanihan Community Center, at 3 p.m. She is sure of it.

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