Sunny in Redwood City, Foggy in San Bruno

Today self and The Man watched a little of the Olympics:  the rowing, the sculling, and the U.S. women’s soccer game in Glasgow. The women, the world knows by now, scored three goals to beat Colombia.

Picture Window, Self’s Living Room

Earlier today, self was in San Bruno.  When she left home, 9:30 a.m., Redwood City was already starting to feel hot.  Driving north on 280, self saw fog spilling over the mountains.  Thick fog.  The light was beautiful.

Then she passed the signs for San Francisco Airport.  Here, she had to turn on the car heater.

When she arrived in San Bruno, it was windy and cold.  As usual, self was very inappropriately dressed, in white cut-offs and thin summer blouse and sandals.

She stopped by Goldilocks on the way home and had a bowl of ginataan.  She started reading the book she brought with her, Scotland’s Bookshelf.  Reading an excerpt from Ali Smith’s 2011 novel Girl Meets Boy made self want to take a picture of her surroundings, she’s not sure why.  She decided, however, to honor the impulse. After all, who knows if she’ll ever have another urge to take a picture from Goldilocks?  And here is that picture.  Foggy, cold San Bruno — just like Edinburgh in June.

Westborough Boulevard, the view from Goldilocks

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Bone-Chilling (October) Saturday & a Hilarious Website

Why do the weather newscasters never warn us when to expect a weekend of blustery, bone-chilling wind?  You can be sure that when they say it will be hot and sweltering, it won’t be.  And when they say it will be cool, that’s when it will be hot and sweltering.

Today, self’s hands and lips are sooo chapped. She and hubby went to see “The Invention of Lying” at the downtown Century 20 (Five Stars! Ricky Gervais killed! Also, there is a short appearance by Edward Norton, and what’s so cool about his one scene is that it’s not immediately apparent that it is Ed Norton — I looked up the movie on IMDB, and after scrolling down a seemingly endless list of actors and actresses, I thought I’d made a mistake. But no, there was his name: the very last on the list, and even then the entry says only “uncredited, unconfirmed.” What convinced self that it was indeed he was the voice. — Edward, hurry up and make more movies! Self misses you!).  Self nearly froze on the walk from the car to the theater (Very interesting: there were hardly any people in the audience, but of the few hardy souls who were there for the first screening of the day, two were deep into books, and one was using the Read the rest of this entry »

Today, 2nd Thursday of September (2009)

Today, the 2nd Thursday of September 2009, was all about the following:

  • fresh pandesal from the Goldilocks next to Mountain View Costco. There is nothing, nothing better than fresh, hot, buttered pandesal (unless it’s hot pandesal dipped in condensada — Oooyyy!)
  • Also, lechon kawali. Also, puto and cuchinta (though these last two items are for the dinner on Saturday, so self better not eat them)
  • chatting on the phone (a long time) with Kerry, who she’s known forever, but sees in the flesh only about once a year.
  • planting three Ajuga “Mahogany” in the front yard, and killing four baby snails.
  • reading Andrew O’Hehir’s review of “9” on (Self can’t figure out whether he recommends Read the rest of this entry »

Enough of the Brain Food: Self Wants REAL Food!

Self has spent the whole entire day in her PJs. Yes indeed, she’s been an absolute demon about the work, finishing a short story (very dark, depressing: the usual thing, guy goes off the deep end, etc etc) e-mailing hither and thither: New York, Manila, Tel Aviv — you name it!

Now she has to go and get some copies made (and it’s such a pain that her local Kinko’s closed), so now she has to pay more for copies at the Pack’n Mail. Then, she has to buy a copy of The New York Times. Then, she has to buy a couple of egg rolls.

Yes, dear blog readers, you read right: egg rolls. Self is mighty hungry at the moment, having had only two English muffins (and a small glass of Kern’s mango nectar) since getting up this morning (part of her new diet-like-Valerie-Bertinelli-without-signing-up-for-Jenny-Craig plan). And she suddenly felt an overwhelming craving for egg rolls. If self were closer to Daly City or Mountain View, she’d just pop over to Goldilocks for lumpia (Thank God she doesn’t live right next to either of these two cities, or there’d be daily Goldilocks runs). She hasn’t tried the Safeway Chinese take-out in maybe two years, so how about checking out those egg rolls, which are humongous? And, self thinks, quite yummy-looking?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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