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This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is H20:

  • . . . share a photo that features . . . the element of water. Water comes in many different states and guises. From a foggy morning to your favorite watercolor painting, how will you show H2O in a photograph?

— Lingnum Draco, The Daily Post

For this post, self will focus exclusively on fountains:


Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco


Closer View of the Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse

Different Fountain: Russell Square, London


Russell Square, London, June 2016

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

The Year 2016 Thus Far: Favorite Places

Philadelphia: So glad that she was in the City of Brotherly love when Orlando happened. Because there is something comforting about being in the city where her older sister went to Biz School:


City of Brotherly Love: June 2016

New York:  Chris, William, Mandy, Carmen, Judy, Luis


Living Room of Brother-in-Law’s Apartment, Manhattan, June 2016

The British Museum, because, because. Just because.


Classical Elegance: The British Museum, early June 2016

Dodo and Helen came from different parts: Cambridge and York, respectively. We met in London:


Everything is easier with friends: On the No. 10 bus, June 2016

And Bletchley Park:


Swan, Bletchley Park, June 2016

Bloomsbury Square and environs:


The Duke of Bedford’s Private Garden in Bloomsbury, June 2016

This is the first of a series of posts where self will keep looking back to 2016 Thus Far.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Harmonies of Spring

Oh how beautiful is the season of spring!

These yellow daffodils are in the front garden of the MacCallum House in Mendocino Village.


Daffodils + Spring = Harmony!

More daffodils!


Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Harmony 4: Outdoor Art & Evening on Main Street

Still focusing on this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: HARMONY.

This is a ceramic piece that hangs outside one of the metal-working sheds at the Mendocino Arts Center. Fish and sand and oceans.


Outdoor Art: Mendocino Art Center


Evening: Main Street, Mendocino, February 2016


Mendocino is # 1 for Whimsical Outdoor Art: Self spotted this on one of her walks.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

SEASONS 3: Mendocino, Last Thursday of February 2016

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Self went for a walk around the village.


Mendocino Village has many examples of whimsical garden art!


Spring is in the air! This table and chairs was in front of a local beauty salon.

And, for election season, Bernie Sanders would like to extend a warm welcome!


Every local person self has spoken to so far is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Clearly, Mendocino is HIS town.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Life Imitates Georgia O’Keefe Again


Pansy: Hungtington Botanical Gardens, Pasadena

In Life, There Are Always MORE CIRCLES

Self is still posting on this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, the first Photo Challenge of 2016:



Calyx Press, based in Corvallis, OR, published self’s first book, Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila. The editors are self’s second family.


Santa Monica Wharf, after the Cirque du Soleil Show


Ripe Figs, Backyard: Self has three fig trees.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Symbol 2: Irish Green

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is SYMBOL.

Today, self is taking a page from Susan Rushton, whose post shows a sweet little garden surrounded by a white picket fence in Colonial Williamsburg.

Gardens are little oases of serenity. A garden represents peace, calm, sanctuary. Here’s one:

This garden overlooks a canal: Dublin, July 2015

This garden overlooks a canal: Dublin, July 2015

And here’s another symbol: the green green green of an Irish summer in Annaghmakerrig:

The Lake at Annaghmakerrig, July 2015

The Lake at Annaghmakerrig, July 2015

And because self is so in love with the green here, here’s a shot of the woods in Annaghmakerrig:

Woods, Annaghmakerrig, July 2015

Woods, Annaghmakerrig, July 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Muse 3: More From Annaghmakerrig

Another from last night’s walk around the grounds of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre (This place is absolute balm for self’s spirit):


What is it, exactly, about this place? The light? The surroundings? Knowing other artists are just a shout away? Ireland? She is exceedingly grateful for every day that she wakes up here.

It’s a gorgeous time of year. Flowers are blooming:

Flowers growing from atop a low stone wall . . .

Flowers growing from atop a low stone wall . . .

More of the Same (Just From Another Angle)

More of the Same (Just From Another Angle)

Today is #AgentsDay on Twitter. So many authors are grateful to their agents, which is nice.

This is not a pursuit self feels she can successfully engage in. (Optimism does not come naturally to self!)

It is also, interestingly enough, #askELJames Day on Twitter. And the questions! The questions!

When self was in London, a few weeks ago, she saw a huge Fifty Shades of Grey poster (a still from the movie) that covered an entire building. How’s that for making a statement? Jaw-drop time.

Jamie Dornan has quite a good back. Self’s just saying.

(Now, how did self get from Annaghmakerrig to Fifty Shades? No idea)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Early Bird: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is EARLY BIRD.

Part of the prompt on The Daily Post website:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a morning person. From early childhood I was up with the sun, and it always came naturally to me . . . when I began taking photography more seriously . . . I realized the benefits that waking early had on my photos.

Gondola Stop, Venice: Before the Crowds Appear

Gondola Stop, Venice: Before the Crowds Appear

In scanning through her photographs, self found a set of pictures she took on a very early morning in Venice. She’d signed up for a tour of the Doge’s Palace, and to make sure she got there in plenty of time (It was a morning tour), she left the apartment she was sharing with Margarita Donnelly in Ca’ San Toma several hours early. And was rewarded with the thrill of seeing San Marco Square practically devoid of people (i.e. tourists)

Can You Believe This is Venice in Late April? Where Are the People?

Can You Believe This is Venice in Late April? Somewhere near the Hotel Danieli

Anyhoo, the Doge’s Palace was all right. But the real thrill, self realized later, was having San Marco Square and environs almost entirely to herself.


The photographs are time-stamped. With CALIFORNIA TIME. Pardon the confusion.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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