Past Squares 23: Liverpool, November 2019

The Past Squares Challenge ends tomorrow. Becky, who hosts the challenge from Life of B, announced that the next Challenge will be in February.

The very best Chinese food in Liverpool is directly across from the Liverpool Cathedral. Self has a friend who moved to Manchester, and this friend knows all the BEST Chinese restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool.

The Museum of Liverpool, on Albert Dock, is one of those must-sees. And here is self! Who rarely appears in pictures! She’s wearing a hat given to her by a friend in Philadelphia, who told her this would be the only way to survive an English winter! Thanks much, Anne-Adele!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Here It Comes!

SUPERBOWL! Of course self has to observe the day. All her friends are off watching too, so it’s like a big Superbowl party, only . . . in different countries.

She went to the Belmont Farmers Market early this morning and came back with pork buns, which she’s going to have with cold beer. She bought a big bag of chips yesterday, but she ate the whole bag . . . yesterday.

Anyhoo. GO CHIEFS!

More Satisfaction

Self scoured her archives to find illustrations for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: SATISFACTION.

She’s feeling nostalgic.


Capuccino Break, British Imperial War Museum, May 2017


Chinatown Love, October 2016


Eating with Emily at Fabulous Chéz Nous, 22 Hanway Place, London. We waited for this meal: it was a promise we made to each other when self left London last July. Emily’s daughter directed the Wonder Woman movie.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Anticipation: The Daily Post Photo Challenge, 16 December 2016

What are you waiting for?

— Michelle W., The Daily Post

Now that is a very, very interesting question.

Here are some things that help her to answer that:


Reminders on the fridge, December 2016

Self would love to have dimsum at her favorite place in Chinatown. It’s been too long!


Chinatown Dimsum Love, October 2016

So looking forward to seeing the Frank Stella exhibit at the de Young!


Sculpture Garden, de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Great Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Ordered take-out from Crouching Tiger, as it was exceedingly hot, and self was quite out of breath after hauling around 20 buckets of water for the plants.  The Man called twice, both times sounding extremely upset because he had been asked to stay late.

“I might have to stay until 9!” he exclaimed.

Self decided that meant he would probably be home at 7 p.m.

And, you know something, dear blog readers?  Self was absolutely correct!  Shortly after (or before) 7 p.m., The Man walked in the door.  Self doesn’t know about you, but coming home at 7 p.m. does not qualify as “late.” 8 or 9 or 10 p.m. can be considered late.  Not 7 p.m.  In the two hours’ grace provided by this “late” arrival, self managed to:


Txt son that she would be seeing him shortly (No answering txt from son)

Feed The Ancient One.

Order take-out.

Of course, since Crouching Tiger is a Chinese restaurant, included with the cartons of mu-shu pork and lamb with scallions were two fortune cookies.  Self put one on The Man’s desk, and opened the other one.  It said:

You will step on the soil of many countries in your lifetime.


Stay tuned.

Things Self Learned Today, the Second Saturday of September 2008

Su Hong in Menlo Park still has fabulously cheap lunch combinations (For $8.95, hubby’s “Su Hong Special” included two sticks of beef barbecue, Chinese chicken salad, combination fried rice, fried won tons and hot and sour soup)

If one orders Su Hong’s rice combination lunch special of spicy ground pork and tofu ($7.95), one’s eyes will tear up exceedingly. Also, the dish will be humongous and one will have to doggy-bag more than half of it.

If, after this, one wishes to walk off the meal by strolling along Santa Cruz Avenue, one’s attention will be distracted by a few interesting new stores, and chances are one will spend money. And, chances are better than 50% that one will end up forgetting doggy bag in one of the stores.

In beautiful stationery store called Paper Chase, sitting on a high shelf is the most gorgeous puppet theatre self has ever seen, perfect to gift to a grand-daughter one day (if son will oblige self by producing one). Cost: $500.

* * *

One simply cannot be expected to watch a movie in the Aquarius on Emerson Street in downtown Palo Alto without dropping by Gelato Classico, across the street.

Lychee is still self’s favorite gelato flavor.

* * *

“Tell No One” is a very long movie.

The French can now shoot chase scenes with jerky camera movement, a la “The French Connection.”

Strangely, all the songs in the movie are in English (and include a hit song by U2).

The lead has the rabbit-y look of Dustin Hoffman.

All French actresses, even the ugly ones, are fascinating.

Kristin Scott Thomas looks amazing (meaning, of course: not ugly), has very toned arms, no double chin to speak of and, moreover, speaks excellent French.

The French still can’t make a real thriller: they’re so enamored of Victor Hugo that even their thrillers have to have as much melodrama as “Les Miserables.”


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