Share Your Desktop: March 2023

Self’s desktop scrolls between images (a nice walk down memory lane!).

This was what was on her desktop when she powered up her laptop this morning:

This bag has great emotional weight. She bought it from Macy’s on sale, in 2016. She was renting in an apartment on Stockton, and would hang out at Union Square, where she never got over how the hot dog vendor charged her $16 for an All-Beef Frank.

Nevertheless, Macy’s had some good sales, such as this bag. It lasted her several trips (which is rare, because all her bags tend to snap their handles, the way she lugs her books around — she never got into kindle).

This picture was taken in the beautiful city of Cork, Ireland. She was cooling her heels in a room above the Paradiso vegetarian restaurant on Lannister Quay.

Posting for Claire’s Cosmos’s Share Your Desktop challenge.

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