Michael Foot, Labour Leader and KGB Asset

One of the men turned by the KGB was Labor Leader, and possibly future Prime Minister, Michel Foot.

For his work, the KGB paid him in “ten and fourteen payments during the 1960s” , each payment between 100 and 150 British pounds. All in all, the Russians paid Foot 1500 pounds, or $49,000 in today’s currency.

Imagine, if you will, England having a Prime Minister who has a file with the KGB ! DA-YUMN!!!!

Self has also learned that you do not have to be secretive to be considered a spy by the Russians. You could be a blabbermouth (like You-Know-Who), they would still consider you an asset or a “confidential contact” if you could provide the Russians with useful information they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

Self wonders if the KGB have a file on DONALD TRUMP? 90.9 % sure they do, LOL

Stay tuned.

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