I Love This Book!

The February reading starts off with a roar.

Synopsis: How a famous poet’s daughter became a call girl and then a writer.

The narrator’s life is all over the place, but the tone is fierce. The call girl parts are never gratuitous.

After she re-connects with her father, her life begins to settle down. She moves in with a poet. Let me tell ya, it is positively heartwarming how taking classes from UCLA Extension turned this gal’s life around.

Our neighbor Lucero the bungalow queen collected rent, so she got a discount. She lived top center of the five bungalows, by the courtyard in the middle. Ricardo wrote, sitting on our hand-me-down love sofa with one leg missing. A Balzac book in its place. Lucero walked by in a pirate costume, another day as a bird with purple feathers coming out of her head. A flapper girl or a silk kimono, nothing underneath, for days when she was nude modeling.

Strip, p. 174

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