Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234: MESSAGES

Thanks to Wind Kisses for hosting this week and for coming up with the awesome prompt, MESSAGES!

Here are a few “message” pictures from self’s archives, all places in California:

  • sign inside a restaurant in Mission San Miguel Arcangel, California Central Coast
  • sign in the lobby of the San Jose Convention Center during Adam Savage’s SilCon 2022
  • Fro-yo cup, downtown San Luis Obispo
  • Sign commemorating the original Facebook Headquarters, Emerson Street, downtown Palo Alto
  • Traffic sign, Kasten corner of Main Street, Mendocino Village

6 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234: MESSAGES”

  1. We all need a LAUGH sign once in a while, don’t we? The Fro-Yo cup was fun. Makes me want to go out and get some too. The Facebook sign. Now THERE’S a message. So many that come from that one photo. Unique idea. I think you are the only one who thought of that, and it’s such a big message everyday in the lives of so many. Nice post. Thanks for joining.


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