Like the Shootout at the OK Corral

The cat-and-mouse between the President of the Hinode Beer Corporation and the dogged bodyguard Yuichiro Goda has been going on now for six weeks. In that time, Goda has worn out two pairs of shoes and ridden xx number of bullet trains in an effort to stay just three steps behind Shiroyama, at all times. Finally, the moment of truth is at hand. It’s been such an exciting game, but Goda’s boss wants results: Is the President of the Hinode Beer Corporation about to strike a deal with the extortionists (against the instructions of the police)? Goda is about to find out. He feels ambivalent about what he has to do, for in the weeks the men have spent together, a grudging respect has sprung up between them.

Shiroyama’s face still hadn’t moved a muscle, but an array of reactions glinted in his eyes. There was a vacancy, as if his thoughts were focused elsewhere. A matter-of-fact consideration, devoid of any deep emotion. Slight confusion at being confronted by this outsider showing his true colors. It was possible to glimpse a certain confidence in that look of confusion, and that confidence then turned to fury, dismay, superiority, and mercilessness, before shifting back to confidence, and Goda experienced each of these as if they were reflected in his own eyes. Shiroyama was not alone in being furious, dismayed, and merciless.

Lady Joker, Volume Two, p. 177

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