Top Dialogue, p. 186

Surely no one expects Charlie Reade to be able to concentrate in class when he’s been ferrying $115k worth of gold in his backpack, and has just been bequeathed land, house, and more gold than anyone ever dreamed of in their entire lives? And has just seen a dead giant cockroach in a shed? Let’s give it a try, however.

Charlie Reade is sitting in class, it’s Period Six, the course is America Today. Teacher calls on him just as he’s beginning to daydream about Wizard of Oz:

“Charles, have you fallen asleep back there? Or perhaps my mellifluous voice has hypnotized you? Entranced you?”

“No, I’m right here.”

“Then perhaps you’d give us your considered opinion regarding the blue-on-black shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.”

“Bad shit.”

“Bad shit indeed. Please feel free to reenter your trance state, Mr. Reade.”

Fairy Tale, pp. 185 – 186

Self has an objection: Are American teachers, she means real life American teachers, really this witty? She thinks not!

Stay tuned.

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