Skidoo, Who is either a Squid or an Octopus

Captain Nicolette Larson’s trusty right-hand humanoid, Darby, is eight feet tall and has four arms (Now wonder he’s such a demon in the kitchen!). The other assistant is Skidoo, who is either a squid or an octopus. Atlanta, one of the twelve heirs to the Empress of the Hive Mind, caught Skidoo in flagrante delicto with Milly the pastry chef.

Now, where was I?


The crew are now prisoners of the meanest pirate in the Known World, Tubal Last (Author Cat Rambo couldn’t come up with a better name for her pirate? She already named the main ship You Sexy Thing!)

They are outfitted with gold bracelets that function as a sort of monitor. When the guard moves to Skidoo (Self is almost sure Skidoo is a squid), he realizes he’ll have to use something other than a bracelet.

Guard: “You gotta get tagged. The others can’t slip out of that bracelet, but you sure as hell can.”

Skidoo: “You are being a handsome one. Perhaps is being a deal possible?” (Skidoo gave a seductive, sinuous wriggle)

Guard: “Honey, I’m not wired that way. But points for trying.”

She extended a tentacle with a sigh.

You Sexy Thing, p. 198

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