A Ship Named You Sexy Thing

Aside from that very unique name for a spaceship, the ship itself is alive, sentient, its inner walls actual skin. The governing intelligence is not a computer, it is AI. If someone spits on the floor, that spittle is immediately absorbed and analyzed, to ascertain whether that person’s health falls “within expected parameters.” The plucky crew (Plucky crews seem all over science fiction these days) boards to escape an attack on TwiceFar Station, at the outer edges of the known galaxy, after the death of the ship’s captain — but not before the captain gives the crew the magic password, I believe in miracles. It turns out that the password is code for: I’ve been murdered and these people are trying to steal my ship; go directly to the prison planet. All arguments are futile: the password has been given, the ship cannot deviate from its course. Luckily, the crew includes two entities known as Thorn and Talon, twin children sold to the Holy Hive Mind by their mother. Thorn and Talon are made into the Holy Hive Mind’s “shock troops” — they can transform from human into battle lion, “fierce and nigh unkillable, with a lion’s ferocity armored by nigh impenetrable magic, fangs and claws metal augmented, deadly.”

Let’s see what Thorn and Talon can get up to, shall we?

Also: self is so dense that she didn’t get the connection between the song (You Sexy Thing) and the password (I Believe in Miracles). Thanks to Tony Robles for sending her the link to the song.

Stay tuned.


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