John Evelyn’s Kalendarium Hortense or, The Gard’ners Almanac

January: To be done in the Parterre and Flower-Garden

Set up your Traps for Vermine, especially in your Nurseries of Kernels and Stones, and amongst your Bulbous-Roots. About the middle of this moneth, plant your Anemony-roots and Ranunculus, which you will be secure of, without covering, or farther trouble: Preserve from too great, and continuing Rains (if they happen) Snow and Frost, your choicest Anemonies and Ranunculus: Also your Carnations, and such Seeds as are in peril of being washed out, or over-chill’d and frozen; covering them under shelter, and striking off Snow where it lies too weighty; for it certainly rots, and bursts your early-set Anemonies and Ranunculus etc.

Flowers in Prime:

Winter cyclamen, Black Hellebor, Narcissus

  • About the author: John Evelyn is best known today for his Diary, second only in reputation to that of his friend and fellow diarist, Samuel Pepys. In his own day he was famous for Sylva, his great work on trees and timber management, and he was also writing meticulous notes on the upkeep of his garden at Sayes Court — instructions for his gardener ‘which may be of use for other gardens. In Directions for the Gardiner he advises how to cultivate and tend perennials, annuals, root vegetables, and trees, with lists of plants and gardening terms and tools.

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