Poetry Friday: Ivan Malkovych

Malkovych is self’s new favorite poet! His poem was included in the anthology Writng from Ukraine: Fiction, Poetry and Essays since 1965, edited by Mark Andryczyk


— translated by Bohdan Boychuk and Myrosia Stefaniuk

Again I’ll visit for a day or two,
won’t help with anything again,
nervous, distracted conversations
will just distress my parents.

What will I find next time
I come? Everyone there?
As I leave: father and mother in the window
like Hutsul icons on glass.

Note: Hutsul are an ethnic group of Ukrainian highlanders that inhabit the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine.

Ivan Malkovych was born in Nyzhnyii Bereziv (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast Ukraine). At age 19, Malkovych was voted best young poet in a clandestine vote among several hundred Ukrainian writers.

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