Is It Depressing To Read About Broken People? YES

All right. Spoiler if you haven’t read The Sweet Hereafter.

This is wisdom:

  • I looked across to Billy Ansel and realized that what frightened and saddened me most about him was that he no longer loved anybody. All the man had was himself. And you can’t love only yourself.

The whole town up and claps for Nichole Burnell, lone survivor of the school bus accident (but secretly sexually abused by her Dad, how nice) Is that pervert Daddy of hers ever going to jail? Newp? Then pardon me, I’m sitting on my hands. This is not redemption. A thousand clapping people don’t make it redemption. Silly me, I want revenge. I’m talking JAIL TIME.

I’m bequeathing my copy of this book to one of the artists here at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre (which, btw, has helped me reach another level of writing. AGAIN. Don’t ask me how or why, it just does)

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