Walking Squares: Dusk

The painters are working on self’s room, so she’s been hiding out in the library. She dozed off in a deep, plush armchair. She’s never dozed off in an armchair before! She must have been deeply asleep, because she had a dream.

Then she decided to watch the first episode of the new season of The Crown. Elizabeth Debecki is a dead ringer for Diana. And holy hell, did Prince Charles ever get a glow-up: this season, he’s played by Dominic West. Dominic West. The two little boys who play William and Harry are very cute (and look just like young William and Harry).

And now to Walking Squares!

She set off for the lake (her favorite destination). It was getting dark, there was nothing to steady her hand, so her pictures came out somewhat blurry.

On the walk back, she decided to take pictures of the studios and the Main House. She leaned on a gate, which made her efforts sharper.

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