Poetry Saturday: Marjana Savka

Books We’ve Never Read (an Excerpt)

— translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melnyczuk

Books we’ve never read are opening for us.
Towns shimmer in the night air.
Cold dawns. Warm autumn train stations.
The roads turn like pages. Eyes reddened by wind.


Marjana Savka is a writer, publisher, community activist, and chief editor and co-founder of Vydavny Staroha Leva (Old Lion Publishing House). Born in the village of Kopychyntsi, Ternopil oblast, she currently lives and works in Lviv. Savka is the author of the poetry collections Oholeni rusla (Naked River Beds, 1995), Hirka mandrahora (Bitter Mandragora, 2002), Kokhannia i viina (Love and War, 2002, together with Marianna Kiianovska).

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